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How Facebook Can Help You Find A Job

When it comes to dominant social media platforms, nothing beats the awesome, 600-pound gorilla power of Facebook. There is so much that an account on Facebook can provide you with. Besides having a means of getting and staying in contact with friends and family, you can keep up with the latest memes, see lots of cat pictures, be kept informed on the bowel movements of babies of people you barely know, and have your awareness raised on causes you never knew you were supposed to care about.

“I’ll be with you in a moment. First, I must Share this status with all my friends, or it will mean I don’t love my daughter!”

But in the words of the late-night pitch man for kitchen cutlery or cleaning cloths, “But wait! There’s more!” Yes, Facebook can actually help you find a job! With more recruiters turning to Facebook recruiting to bring in eligible candidates, here’s how you can make yourself more marketable in the ongoing search for employment.

Making Yourself Look Good

First of all, if you really intend to make your profile attractive to recruiters, then you’ll have to make sure they can see it, which in turn means to change your settings to Public, so that they can actually find you.

Next, make sure that your talents, work experience, anything else that a recruiter would find attractive, is displayed in your profile. Someone who clicks on your About section should get a good idea of what school you went to, where you’ve worked (or are still working), and just get a good feel for who you are. Which leads to the next, very important point.

Let’s pretend you’re a job recruiter looking for a writer. You stumble across a profile of some tech writer who looks promising, then you see a picture of him at his current job behaving in a very unprofessional manner, or with some picture caption saying something like “My job blows, I love to goof off LOL”. Now, seriously; is this someone you want to recruit? The answer is a resounding “NO”. If you’re using your profile to put yourself out there as a serious job candidate, then you need to remove embarrassing photos, unprofessional text, anything that, quite frankly, makes you look like a lazy, irresponsible tool.

However, if you’re reluctant to cast aside your tool-ness completely, then consider keeping two profiles: one personal, which is only seen by friends, and a public one that’s all polished and professional, that’s visible to everyone.

Keep all career/professional content in the public profile, and the rest of your zany shenanigans can reside safely and discreetly in your personal profile. And don’t mix the two: a company looking for a good tech writer isn’t impressed that you can cosplay a very convincing Green Lantern.

Do Some Research

Interviewers are very impressed when an applicant demonstrates a clear knowledge of the company he or she is applying to. Research the company, and if they have a Facebook page (a search should reveal this), Like their page and let them see that you’re out there and interested.

Do Some Actual Networking

Let’s start simple: make sure your status reflects your desire to find a new job. You never can tell who is reading, and even someone you know may have some leads. Then, take a look at Facebook’s Marketplace, and look for job listings. Also, join groups that relate to the field where you’re looking for employment. Participate in discussions, post links, friend people, basically doing the Internet equivalent of schmoozing. You need exposure and contacts; these are the things that can get you hired faster.

When you get right down to it, people can’t hire someone who they don’t even know exists. Put a professional, non-embarrassing profile out there, make contacts, and start making Facebook actually work for you!

John Terra has been freelance writing since 1985, and enjoys a love-hate relationship with Facebook, which explains why he refers to it as “Disgracebook”.

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Born in the Boston area in 1959, I started writing in 1985. I live in Nashua NH with my wife and three cats. We have four kids in our blended family. I am an utter geek who's into gaming, horror, SF/fantasy, the Red Sox, trains, running, history, and a bunch of other things.



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