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How Effective is Stem Cell Rejuvenation?

Looking younger even if you are well-along in years is no longer impossible. With stem cell rejuvenation, the glow and youthfulness of your skin can be recovered with ease.  This therapy provides numerous benefits that include:  Improved skin elasticity, reduced wrinkles, improved skin tone, and a smoother texture.  The treatment can also be used to remove any dark circles under the eyes.  This therapy will help to bring back the strength and youthful vigor that was previously enjoyed. In short, the aging process can be reduced and slowed down over the long run.  Therefore, this therapy can provide a more youthful appearance for years to come.

Types of stem cells in the human body

There are various kinds of stem cells within the human body, and every organ or tissue is made up of many cells.  The stem cells are self-renewing, and yet not all stem cells are the same.  Adipose stem cells are the cells that are found in body fat.  Every one cubic centimeter of fat present in the human body contains anywhere between 50 to 100 stem cells.  These are derived from liposuction procedures that remove fat from the body.  PRP (or platelet-rich plasma) is a concentrated mixture of serum and platelets. PRP accelerates the repair process and helps with skin rejuvenation, as it rounds up stem cells and directs them to the area where the growth of new cells is required.  Stem cell injections are given in the applicable area for expediting collagen formation, as well as to improve blood flow to the site.  The stem cell rejuvenation therapy works by creating a series of events that are anticipated to affect the microenvironment under the skin.  This indicates that there is no longer any degeneration under the skin’s layer.  The Mesenchymal Stem Cells can then be placed at the proper depth required to create the necessary effect.  This procedure causes only minimal physical trauma.  The cells can live, not just for a few days, but rather for weeks at a time.

The results of stem cell rejuvenation therapy

The amount of collagen within the skin changes as you age.  When you are a child, the collagen levels are high, and as you grow older, the collagen levels decrease. This results in the thinning of the facial skin and also in the formation of wrinkles. In order to diminish fine lines and restore the thickness of the skin, opt for stem cell rejuvenation.  Other treatments only work on the surface issues.  But this does not help over the long run. With stem cell therapy, the collagen can be revived & thickened, restoring that youthful glow, thereby producing age-defying results.

All age-related problems can be offset with this stem cell treatment.  The entire process can take from two to four days. This therapy offers a facelift without invasive surgery.  However, you cannot expect instant results.  The benefits are more long-term, lasting over 18 to 24 months. There are also no scars or lengthy recovery times associated with this therapy.

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