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How Effective Are Celebrity Endorsements?

You’re launching an eBook and thinking of ways to promote it. One possible way of doing promotion is through celebrity endorsement. Are they effective? Read on to find out.

Should you get a celebrity or influencer to endorse your eBook? Celebrity endorsements don’t come cheap. The bigger the celebrity, the more money they’ll ask. If you’re a local business trying to promote their products and services, you can choose between a micro-influencer and a macro influencer.

However, the latter option is expensive, as they have a better and larger social media presence.  Going with a local micro-influencer isn’t a bad idea, though, as they have followers who watch and listen to them. You can make a choice based on your budget and your audience.

Regardless of who you decide to go with, you need to ask yourself one question:  Are celebrity endorsements even effective? Let’s find out!

Celebrity Endorsements:  Why They Work?

Celebrity endorsements are a widely used tactic by several brands for the following reasons:

  • People like to see a familiar face on products, and it catches people’s attention and makes your eBook stand out. If you have a celebrity on the cover of your eBook, it’ll grab people’s attention. Whey they browse through various eBooks, your eBook will stand out because they’ll instantly recognize the name of the celebrity endorsing it.
  • Subconsciously, people wish to be like celebrities. They may admire their style, opinions, advice, among other things. Although you don’t say you want to be like your favorite celeb, somewhere inside your brain, there’s a desire to be just like them.
  • You receive access to a diverse demographic. A celebrity can have followers from more than one demographic. If your eBook is about boosting your confidence levels with a few neat tricks, you can choose a career coach, relationship coach, or personal life coach to endorse your eBook. Having a celebrity endorsement can put your eBook in front of many people belonging to different age groups and backgrounds.
  • Celebrity endorsement will give your eBook the impression of being a high-quality product. If a celebrity is endorsing your eBook, their followers are likely to order it because their favorite celeb gave the impression that they loved it.
  • Increases the ability to recall. When a celeb endorses a certain product, it stays in your mind for a long time, and you can recall the product’s name. In your case, the endorsement would help create recall for your eBook’s name and your name.

 How Celebrity Endorsements Affect Sales and Loyalty?

Did you know one celebrity endorsement can increase product sales by 4%? For this reason, businesses of all sizes employ a celebrity influencer to promote their products and services to their audience. You need to find a well-known micro or macro influencer to influence their followers and fans to buy your eBook.

How do celebs affect loyalty? Celebs don’t directly influence brand loyalty, but they do magnify the effect of your promotional campaign, which, in return, increases loyalty.

How Celebrity Endorsements Inspire Confidence in Consumers?

Celebs add an immediate and substantial brand value when they endorse a product or service. When they sign an endorsement deal with a brand, it automatically increases the confidence people have in your brand.

If you re-release your eBook with a few amendments, but this time backed by a celeb, your brand’s legitimacy will increase in the consumer’s eyes. Moreover, on average, you’re exposed to around 3,000 ads, but the ad that’ll stick in their mind will be the ones with celebrity endorsement.

It works the same way online. You see several ads online but can recall few. For instance, when you promote your posts on Facebook, you can promote the post with the celebrity posing with your eBook and recommending it to others.

You Can’t Just Select Any Celebrity to Endorse Your eBook

If your eBook’s subject revolves around teaching people how to save money, you won’t choose a beauty blogger to endorse your eBook. In the same way, you won’t choose a finance professional to endorse an eBook about the importance of incorporating a strict beauty and skincare routine.

You need to select an influencer whose audience and values are the same as yours. You and the influencer can have a long-lasting relationship if your values align with each other. Otherwise, the relationship will come off as forced.

Should You Take the Celebrity Endorsement Route?

Celebrity endorsements can boost brand awareness, enhance credibility, gain visibility, add credibility, and expose them to new and different markets. However, celebrity endorsements do come with a few drawbacks.

For instance, a celeb can overshadow the message you’re trying to promote through your eBook and detract from it. Don’t make the mistake of relying too heavily on the influencer endorsing your eBook because it can go wrong in two ways.

First, the influencer may outshine your eBook. Second, it may give your audience the impression that the influencer isn’t genuinely interested in your eBook, hence making you appear inauthentic. An unconvinced target audience can cause backlash with people losing interest in your eBook.

If you choose to go for a celebrity endorsement, don’t choose a celeb that endorses several products. The public finds it difficult to trust a celebrity that does too many endorsements and won’t buy what they’re promoting on their social media platforms.

You don’t want your eBook to fail before it even had a chance to succeed, so tread carefully if you plan to launch an ad campaign helmed by a celeb.

Questions to Ask Yourself before Choosing Celebrity Endorsement

Even though it’s tempting to ask a celebrity to be the face of your promotional campaign, you need to consider a few things before deciding to use an influencer to promote your eBook. You need to ensure the influencer you choose to represent your brand translates into success.

Before you seek a celebrity endorsement, we want you to answer the following questions:

  • Is associating with a known influencer the easiest method to promote your eBook?
  • Should the influencer be the main medium of brand communications?
  • How can your brand narrow down and decide on potential influencers to endorse your eBook?
  • What are the pros and cons of celebrity endorsements?
  • Will celebrity endorsement always benefit your brand?

If you decide to choose celebrity endorsement, you need to learn about its three types.

3 Types of Celebrity Endorsements

1. One-Off Deals

You can get a local influencer on board to promote your eBook before their followers on their social media platform. Are you holding a launch for your eBook? If you hold a launch party and the influencer lives in the area or close by, you can ask them to make an appearance. If this is your first eBook; for instance, a one-off deal is a cost-effective option.

2. Celebrity Placements

You can give your eBook to an influencer for free. They’ll endorse your eBook on their social media channels, hence garnering you publicity before its launch. However, the drawback is that there’s no guarantee that they’ll promote your eBook on their social media platform. You’ll have to stalk the influencer’s profile from time to time to see if they’ve posted about your eBook.

3. Long-Term Deals

If the influencer has staying power and is willing to commit to signing a long-term deal, you can consider choosing this type of celebrity endorsement.

Before you can choose a celebrity endorsement, you need to have an eBook. If you’re keen on the idea of building and promoting your brand through an eBook but are short on time, you can always hire an eBook writing service. You can then work on finding a celebrity to endorse your eBook.

Rob Davis is a master of the trade when it comes to ghost eBook writing services. With a small team of seasoned eBook writers at Ghost eBook Writers company that can help bring ideas to life in well-written and thoroughly researched eBooks, you can expect the very best when you work with his team.

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Rob Davis is a master of the trade when it comes to ghost eBook writing services. With a small team of seasoned eBook ghostwriters at Ghost eBook Writers Company that can help bring ideas to life in well-written and thoroughly researched eBooks.

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