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How Does Alexa Help to Enhance Customer Experience for eCommerce Stores?

This article describes eCommerce store user experience enhancement by integrating Amazon Alexa with it.

Amazon Alexa, thanks to its flexibility of use and broad application base, is looked upon by business enterprises to provide answers to their unique problems. While Alexa can be configured to play a supporting part in many businesses, the areas where it is likely to transform the industry is the service sector and the retail business.

As these two sectors rely a great deal on user interaction, Alexa can be used optimally in these sectors to provide the users with a great experience while looking for some service or buying any goods from the online retail shops.

Here we will like to share with you some custom eCommerce solutions that you can integrate into your eCommerce site with the Alexa voice application so that you can provide an impressive interaction platform to your customers.

These are just the tip of the iceberg, as developers are trying to build newer and more exciting application of Alexa to enhance the customer experience in an eCommerce store.

1). As more and more users start using Alexa to browse the Internet, it is essential that you should align your business to attract these customers to your eCommerce site. To make use of this new technology optimally, you have to take the help of an eCommerce solutions provider.

Alexa can be a virtual guide for your customers. They can ask questions and also give commands to Alexa to get the item they are looking for on your retail site.

This is an amazing feature as your website is open 24×7 and having an assistant to help the customers look for what they are seeking will be a great help to them.

2). Among the many eCommerce development solutions that experts have brought to the market, the use of Alexa in brand promotion is very important. If you have a retail website then you can configure the Amazon Alexa to promote some lesser known brands that you have in your inventory.

When your customer asks for some product, then Alexa can display a range of brands that are available on that site. This will allow your customers to have a wider range to look at and make their selection and not stay confined to one two brands only.

Like if they are asking for ceiling fans, then Alexa can display all the ceiling fan brands from which the customer can choose the one that he finds interesting and giving him better benefit.

3). Alexa is increasingly used in global eCommerce solutions that include providing information about the price and use of a product. As global retail chains are slowly becoming a reality, people in India are bombarded with new and exotic items about which many of them have little or no knowledge.

In such circumstances, Alexa can be used effectively to not only tell the customer about the price of a product but also give him information about the product which he is trying to buy.

In other words, Alexa can be programmed to become a helpful assistant in providing detail about each product comprehensively and in some case can be made to tell the customer how to use them. This will allow you to sell different products to your traditional customer base.

4). You can use Alexa to provide information on new deals to the customers. If your business strategy involves providing different deals to your customers every day, then Alexa will be a great help to you.

You have to put all the new deals that you have planned into Alexa and when the client asks for any new deals for today while browsing through your website, Alexa will give him those deals that your business is providing in terms of discounts and free gifts.

This is extremely important for large e-retail shops that have thousands of products and scores of discounts on several of them. Learning about each of them individually will be a big task for your customers, so Alexa is the perfect solution to tackle such a problem.

5). If your online store sells music, then Alexa can help your customer in a major way. Your customer can ask Alexa about different tracks and, Alexa can play a sample of that track on his speakers to help him make up his mind whether to buy that album or not.

The customer can simply ask Alexa to find the latest albums of a particular artist or genre and he will find them displayed on his computer/smartphone screen. He can then choose which one he likes and then make the purchase.

6). The customer can also use the help of Alexa to make a purchase like what mode of payment he prefers online banking, credit cards, debit card, Paytm and so on. Your customer with the help of Alexa can ask the limit on his credit card left before making any purchase through it.

7). Alexa can be configured to help your customer in choosing different products in different configurations. Like you can choose different kind of flowers that are to be put in a bouquet and delivered on a particular date. Similarly, your customers can order foods with different toppings with the help of Alexa.

8). Alexa can be configured with artificial intelligence to map out the buying habits of your customers. This will allow Alexa to show them those goods and services which they regularly buy when they are doing some shopping. Providing the customers with those brands or products that they regularly use will surely improve their buying experience.

9). If you are in the online entertainment business, where you sell movies, TV shows and music, then your customers can use Sonos and Alexa integration to play the program of their choice by just ordering one through Alexa command.

These are some of the advantages that your customer will get an enhanced user experience when you integrate the services of Alexa in your online business. And this is just starting; as more and more services become available, the buying experience online will be revolutionized.

So, what are you waiting for, engage the services of an eCommerce solution provider to integrate Alexa into your website so that your customers can enjoy the latest technology that will make their shopping experience fantastic?

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