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How Do You Measure The Impact Of Facebook Fan Page In Your Small Business

Just starting up a small business is something of an achievement to any individual. But marketing your small business in a way that awareness is steadily generated, in a consistent timeline, is a feat all in itself.

You’re a small business owner and you’ve decided to create a Facebook Page for your company. Or you’re an employee in an organization and, since you are the only one who “gets” social media, you’ve been charged with running a Facebook Page.

You set it up and make it look nice. You put up some photos and videos that you think represent the organization well. You e-mail a bunch of your friends and the page has almost 100 “Likes.” But one day, your boss comes in and asks you the question that you have been dreading: “Is this Facebook Page helping us or just eating away most of your time?”

But then again, you can use some tools to measure Facebook’s effectivity towards your marketing campaign for your small business.

Enter Facebook Insights, a powerful analytical tool that can help any organization evaluate the effectiveness of its Facebook presence. But, for a small business where time is perhaps the most important (and often rarest) resource, Facebook Insights can help you evaluate whether you’re investing or wasting your time.

What small businesses need to realize is that Facebook is like any other marketing channel, only the direct tie to money is oftentimes less direct. Because Facebook rewards engagement, rich content and fan bases that share and comment, oftentimes the monetary aspect gets lost in the shuffle. It also adds an extra step in that fans expect more from this channel than say an email with an offer. There’s more “wining and dining” on Facebook prior to a purchase, so to speak. While email is typically a few steps to purchase, Facebook could be several, depending on what avenue a small business takes. In looking at Facebook’s own advertising success stories, engagement is almost always a precursor to sales.

Small business need to generate a lot of buzz in order for it to prosper. And the utilization of social networks like Facebook for marketing, can get you just the exposure that you needed.

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@Sheine Austria is a Free Lance Web Designer, a holder of a Diploma of Website Development from Upskilled Australia and a mother of a beautiful daughter, Sheila.

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