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How a Video Conferencing Solution Can Help in Your Engineering Business

Globalization has changed the way of business and modern telecom technologies through the internet by helping speed up communications. Take the typical case of an engineering business that could do with the latest in video conferencing solution.

Typically, an engineering unit has several vendors and subcontractors. At one time most were local but with globalization, such vendors and contractors may be located in other countries. Take an example of a mould developer for instance. He may be located in one country while you are in India. Communication via email is slow and it is not easy for the mould developer to explain his design ideology or for the engineering company to explain the changes it may need.

The right video conferencing solution helps bridge gaps and facilitates fast exchanges of ideas. The mould maker and engineering unit connect. Engineers at both ends can initiate the video conference and carry out a detailed discussion. The mould maker shows designs and drawings in the presentation that is possible via video conferencing. The engineering unit can study the plans and discuss various design considerations right on the spot and recommend changes. What would take hours can be accomplished in just an hour or less.

This conferencing solution also allows for audio conferencing in which two people may participate or even a group in which people are located in diverse different locations. The head office of an engineering unit may have branches across the country and its marketing director may wish to contact all regional heads to conduct a talk. The same channel can be used to reach out to the network of distributors and agents. Instead of holding a conference at some location, the company can hold an online web video conference and get its work done quickly while saving huge amounts of money.

Time is also saved and executives can do much more when they use online conferencing solutions for audio and video conferencing. Web conferencing solution is easy and far more affordable than talking over the phone using standard telephone lines, especially when it is an overseas call.  Video conferencing can be used for a marketing team to connect with a prospective client and put forward a presentation that could include static images as well as video and then carry on a discussion to clinch the deal. If there is a problem with a product, video makes it easy for engineers to observe and pinpoint faults.

Web video conferencing allows people to see each other face to face, just as if they are sitting across the table and interact better. In addition, one can make use of video conferencing for audio-visual presentations.

Engineering units may not feel the need to have employees in-house and may have remotely located work staff either as full-time employees or part-time. All company communication with such a spread out team of workers is easy and possible through secure video conferencing lines.

An engineering unit may wish to announce the launch of a new product to the press but organizing a real press conference could be time-consuming and expensive for all concerned. Again, the web video conferencing solution works wonders by letting the CEO present the product to distributors across various geographic locations and to press people who can be present in the distributors’ offices.

Video conferencing does offer a host of benefits:

  • Faster communication
  • Cost and time savings
  • Faster development of products
  • More efficiency and productivity at work
  • Ability to organize frequent conferences because it is so easy and fast.

Choosing the right video conferencing solution is important. It should include audio conferencing as a matter of course and should have crystal clear audio quality. The video must be transmitted smoothly without any jerks or stoppage and this is taken care of by experts in video conferencing solution development in the selection of right codecs and bandwidth consideration.

Further, a software solution is to be preferred because it can always be upgraded by the developer and it costs far less than hardware solutions that may need specific installations in each location. Software open source web conference solutions are the best such as those from Asterisk Service.

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