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How a Help Desk Software Can Increase Your Customer Base

Meeting customer needs and keeping them satisfied are pivotal to success and growth for any business. It has always been so. Apart from pricing products reasonably, improving product lineup and resorting to enticing digital marketing strategies, companies also need to offer exceptional customer service and support. The competition is cut throat and the present generation customers are quite smart in nature. They are well informed and demand more from the sellers. Unless your company’s customer support quality is not satisfying- the customers will choose other contenders without battling eyelids! To ensure your business can offer excellent quality service to the customers- using suitable help desk software solution is absolutely necessary.

Why use a help desk solution for your business?

Those days are best remembered as a blast from the past when using a telephone and postal service for addressing customer grievances was the norm in businesses. You cannot just rely on just email and phones to resolve queries and grievances of a multitude of customers. A comprehensive and robust help desk solution is what your business needs to cater to various needs of the customers in apt ways.

The benefits of deploying a support desk solution are too big to overlook. These include:

  • Reduced cost of operation

  • Enhanced efficiency of the workforce

  • Faster problem and query resolution

  • Development of a positive image of the brand

How deploying a help desk solution help increase customer base

  • Enhanced workflow and efficiency- leading to customer satisfaction

When there is a robust help desk solution in place, it helps the teams work more efficiently. There is better coordination between the various departments. They can access common resources and share those through the software minus any problem. This helps the support agents resolve diverse customer issues faster and without complications. Eventually, this helps boost the satisfaction level of the customers. In the long run, the customers stick to the company and refer others. This leads to the growth of the customer base.

  • Better monitoring of agent performance and customer service level

To ensure the customers are getting the best quality service, without delay and compromise- you have to monitor the performance of support agents. This is applicable or agents using all modes of interaction including live chat, phone and chat etc. Unless a robust help desk solution is in place, keeping track of individual agent performance is tedious. With such software solution deployed, you can track agent activities using the dashboard. You can find out every nuance including time taken to wrap each call, chat session etc. You can also find out how many emails are pending and what the rates of client feedbacks are using the same dashboard. When you track agent performance in real time, they try to give their best. This eventual helps enhance customer satisfaction- leading to better retention and growth of customer base.

  • Automation through an helpdesk solution helps satisfy customers better

With time, more companies are warming up to the concept of deploying automation and AI tech in customer service operations. It is true that most of thee companies are MNCs and technology giants, so far. However, experts are of the view it is only a matter of time before the deployment of AI and automation in customer support goes mainstream.  Some of the latest help desk applications support AI technology. By using such software you can automate those tasks that are basic and repetitive in nature. This can be pretty useful in live chat setup. Deploying automation though helpdesk application frees up agents and they focus better on tasks that actually need human intervention. This eventually helps improve customer’s satisfaction level.

  • Faster response to customer grievances and issues

Most of your business customers are busy individuals, juggling professional chores with household tasks most of the times. They need a prompt response to their issues- for either queries or grievances. If the support team is slow in responding to their issues- they may grow irate. With a helpdesk solution in place, faster resolution of customer issues is possible. With such software, tracking the customer issues and resolving them within deadlines and scheduling becomes simpler. When the customers do not have to wait for their issues and raised tickets, they feel happy. This eventually helps in growing the customer base.

  • Indirect promotion and cross selling possible through helpdesk solution

The helpdesk solution is primarily used for catering to customer issues, queries and problems. However, the software can be used in various ways to promote and cross sell the products. For example, the agents can use it to suggest suitable alternative products when the customers enquire about products that are not in stock. This can be helpful in increasing sales and revenue. They can also try using up selling strategies. Besides, this kind of pro active assistance will definitely create a good impression on the customers.

  • Better data collection and analytics helps improve customer service

Using suitable helpdesks solution in a business helps gather huge amounts of data. You can gather a mammoth amount of data using the software from channels like live chat, email and online surveys etc. In fact, using these software solutions you can create short surveys and online polls. The solutions also have impressive data analysis and report creation features. By analyzing the data you can understand what the customers want and what they are unhappy about. It can be about many things including products, type of support or services etc. By incorporating the changes, you can ensure the customer satisfaction level gets a boost. This eventually helps in the growth of the customer base.

  • Better integration with all types of software used- enhanced workflow and customer satisfaction

Modern helpdesk software solutions have excellent compatibility with different types of software applications. When the helpdesk application is compatible with existing software that are used in the company- it aids workflow. The helpdesk integrates seamlessly with database and accounting solutions and it can be used in sync with cloud based services too. So, software compatibility glitches are ironed out and employees can work with different applications minus hiccups. This leads to enhanced workflow and meeting customer needs become easier.

  • Self support options satisfy tech savvy customers

Most of the modern help desk solutions come with the provision to set up a self support section for the customers. The younger and technology savvy type of customers do not like methods like email or phone enough to resolve their issues. They want more customization and control over troubleshooting. Unless the issue is very complex- they will not seek typical means of customer support. When your helpdesk solution has self service portal with the required resources, these customers are satisfied.

  • Multilingual support

The latest help desk applications are multilingual. This helps in catering to the needs of customers who speak different languages.

Where it all leads to

As a matter of fact, deploying suitable help desk solution helps your company get more customers and existing customers are also satisfied. Usage of such software enhances workforce efficiency, erase conflicts in workflow and help you understand needs of customers. You can adopt measures to improve support and service. This helps in establishing the brand image and a positive word of mouth. As a result, the customer base of your company grows.

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