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Home Improvement

The Hottest Home Improvement Technologies

The home-building industry has seen the biggest boom since the recession of 2008. In the US alone in 2016 over a million homes were constructed, stating that the homebuilders are working again, and working hard.

With that said, enthusiasts for high-tech home improvement can look forward to new ways to spice up their houses with the best and finest the tech industry can provide. Below I will list some amazing gadgets that will make you re-think the possibilities your own home has to offer:

LED lights

Even though these are fairly common in your local supermarkets, coffee-shops and other public places, their eco-friendly, efficient and affordable properties will make them the lighting of choice for most modern homes.

LED (light-emitting diode) lights have developed a great deal in years past, mostly in the diversity department. They come in various light colors and intensities giving that special feel you seek when doing lighting in your home. They are also very flexible when it comes to their implementation. Usually coming in manageable strips, they can fit into any nook and cranny you desire (better than a light-bulb, right?).

Smart Home Security

Security cameras are eerie to most of us. Having a couple of them inside your home may seem strange at first, but the new technology made by Netatmo Welcome provides truly something special. By connecting cameras with your smart devices, along with a built-in facial recognition system, this appliance can seem truly invisible.

Its night-vision camera, HD resolution and ability to record to an SD card (offline recording) provides the perfect blend of security, clarity, and privacy regardless of where you live and with whom. The system also comes along with tags that can be installed onto various parts of your home (doors, windows or even closets).

Solar Water Heater

Due to them being extremely eco-friendly and efficient (comparing to traditional heaters), solar heaters will become a growing trend in the future. If you are living in an area with a lot of sunny days, you could cut a huge part of your utility bills just by replacing an electric water heater for a solar one.

Many governmental and local agencies look with kind eyes towards this kind of installation. If you decide to make this move, subsidies can be expected or some other form of incentives. In addition, a lot solar heaters have backup power systems of various fuel sources such as natural gas, propane or electricity.

Indoor Gardening

Nature is a treacherous adversary when it comes down gardening, especially if you’re living in extreme climates. The technology came in through that will finally allow homeowners to grow their own plants from the comfort of their home. The Urban Cultivator is a small indoor garden, about the size of a small fridge.

It comes along with options for climate control, defining the humidity, temperature, moisture and light intensity to any seed you wish to grow. With pre-installed tools for hydroponic growth, all you need is some water, soil, and power. Just consider the possibilities. You could be growing any kind of plant that is not endemic to your region, which is admittedly, very cool indeed.

Retractable Rooftops

Do you want to enjoy a romantic evening with that special someone under the stars without leaving your home? That is quite possible. Australian made roof systems can provide you with the technology to truly turn your home into something out of a Transformers movie.

Retractable rooftops in various shapes and sizes allow for that perfect indoor-outdoor blend that every home needs depending on the current season. Having that sweet summer breeze during the night can soothe the hardest mind for a quick night rest. Also during the day, you can have a lot more natural sunlight which practical, and quite healthy I might add (absorb that vitamin D)!

As time moves on, we will see undoubtedly a lot more of these gadgets and tools improving our quality of life. It goes without saying that the amount of options will soon transform every home into something special and unique to their inhabitants and curious guests. Everyone has something inside their home they want to improve. If something fresh and new is something you seek, you are in luck, since the technology is probably there.

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Cate is an IT girl by day and a writer by night. Her fields of expertise could be summed up to web design and digital marketing. Her interests are, on the other hand, wide and ever-evolving. These days Cate is quite obsessed with the latest innovations and trends from the tech world.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Kalman

    October 8, 2018 at 4:54 am

    Smart home security is really interesting nowadays. Good information here. Nicely written.

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