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High-Tech Cellular Phone Radiation Prevention

One major unaddressed area of cellular phones is the radiation that people are exposed to daily and, knowing this, we’ve researched a simply list of precautions that you can take when using your cellular device. Taking these initial precautions will help you remain safe during cellular telephone usage while also keeping your body healthy. There is no better time than now to generate awareness through the following steps to assure that you’ll safely be able to use your iPhone, Blackberry or other device without harming your brain or possibly giving yourself early signs of cancer.

  • It is never suggested that pregnant or nursing mothers use their cellular equipment around their children as the radiation tends to be more concentrated in children of a younger age.  Put down the phone and simply tend to the child first and then deal with the conversation.
  • Using some form of earphone or headphone with attached microphone is an excellent means to fend away harmful radiation from your ears and skull.  Find ear buds that, themselves, have low EMF emissions.
  • It is suggested that you keep the phone as far away from your ear as you can possibly handle, which many will state 4-8 inches is sufficient to keep radiation away from your ears and skull.
  • If you are in an area where the signal is weak or there is no signal at all, your phone will attempt to try harder to reach out for a signal.  When one is not found, it works even harder to get one, causing more battery usage and pushing out more radiation.  Therefore, do not use your phone in an area that has no signal available.
  • Believe it or not, less radiation is emitted when you listen the person on the other end as opposed to talking.  Keep conversations as short yet concise as possible to save breath and emission of radiation from your device.
  • One of the safest ways to have a conversation when at home or on the go is speaker phone; you can then hold the phone a foot or two away from your body and hear each other clearly, thereby keeping any possibilities of radiation emission down to nearly nothing.
  • When initially placing the call, keep the phone away from your ear until it connects as the phone is emitting radiation while attempting to connect; simply hold away from head and wait for a pick up or voicemail prompts.
  • Search online for several lists from authority sites like CNet or even review sites to find low-emitting cellular telephones before you choose a carrier to buy the phone from; this small step can be great for long-term prevention.
  • In terms of various areas where placing calls can emit radiation, we further add to this list by including some places where you can find EMF’s and radiation running rampant or even trapped:
  • Metal building encasements, such as elevators or rooms that contain no light source, tend to be terrible for trapping radiation and making the effect even worse if done consistently.
  • Being in an area with a large amount of trees and other blockage can also be potentially harmful for the same reasons since signal searching causes strains on phone and battery

If you were to set a cellular phone next to plant seeds for a period of a week, you would see tremendous damage done to the cell makeup of the plants; these include the very plants humans eat every day, such as beans, lettuce, carrots and more.  Imagine what it is doing to your body after several years! Although radiation is hidden, the effects are not.  With that, here are more ways to assist your efforts:

  • Keep your cellular device out of your pocket when possible.  Radiation is emitted when on standby, and the lower extremities have an excellent absorbency for radiation.  Carry it in a case or inside of your purse.
  • Obviously, if you are at home, it would be an excellent idea to use a landline instead of the cellular device.  If you see a call come through on your cell phone, call it back from the landline to save unnecessary usage.  With this, radiation is cut down dramatically.
  • Texting also tends to use less radiation since the phone itself is not dialing – and you can hold the device away from your body.  When at all possible, you should text while on the go and keep phone calls to a minimum, or nullify them.
  • If you have to have a wired headset, look into getting ferrite beads to place on the cord; these beads absorb the radiation you cannot see and make the headset safer to use.
  • Using certain vitamin supplements can help increase the rate at which your body absorbs radiation and the strength it has fight it off. Some of the best supplements are: Zinc, Curcumin, Wild Blueberry Extract, Ginko Biloba, 5 HTTP, SAMe and CoQ10.
  • Do not sit too close to a person that is also on their cellular phone.  The amount of radiation you will both be exposed to doubles; therefore, either move away from a crowded area of cellphone users or, if unavoidable, simply use your texting feature.
  • Read the fine print of your cellular telephone contract; some companies like Verizon specifically state they claim no responsibility over the radiation your phone emits, thereby clearing them of lawsuits.  If you feel you could have radiation issues in the future, you should steer clear of phone providers that do not truly take ownership of their devices or are willing to go after manufacturers with you.

Finally, you should read all of the current requirements of the FCC and cellular radiation through the FCC.Gov web portal; you can find out valuable information of current issues and where developments of warning labels are going.  Keeping current with knowledge of cellular radiation is paramount in avoiding future cancer issues concerning the skin and brain.  Even ask the cellular agent if they know some of the radiation facts about the phone you’ll be using; keep in mind whether owning a $500 Droid is worth the future radiation effects or not.

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