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Hi-Tech Security Features for Your Business

The future has arrived with abundant examples of technological advancement and fancy gadgets we never dreamed we’d get a hold of. However, this has equally inspired clandestine groups to take advantage of new system weaknesses and breach our security. Business enterprises often have a lot to lose in the process, so we looked into the offer of hi-tech safety measures downtown or home-based businesses can exploit.

Bio Knob

Sounds futuristic, doesn’t it? The concept is a long-awaited answer to the people who think the key use is an ancient way to enter and circulate the business quarters. Also, it’s a neat way to oust the unsafe tradition of hiding the key under the doormat. This biometric dependant system looks like a plain doorknob, but there’s the catch.

The sensor located inside the apparatus can detect a maximum of one hundred fingerprints. Whoa! This could do nicely for a small-scale or mid-sized businesses. By putting our finger on the key pad, the door will unlock, providing the scan is previously made and authorised as a singular username.

Bioknob runs on rechargeable batteries. The system promptly records date and time of sign-ins. The accompanying keypad can help you navigate through the stored data.

Bio Vault

A veritable sibling of our previous biometrics-related invention, fingerprint safe box can protect all your essential documents and cash assets kept on the company premises. This revolutionary safe type weighs around 30 pounds and it’s equipped with an LCD screen.

Make a decision about who will have the access to the aperture and save it (full storage is 50 fingerprints). The flesh memory stores the prints and the safe is opened by simple pressing movement. If this still seems flimsy to you, you can always buy a safe with good old solid built and mechanism.

Combination Saver Notebook Lock

Laptop is a relatively small device and it’s an easy prey of the thieves everywhere, not just in the company circles. For example, business owners and CEOs are often carrying their machines around the world and a short moment of distraction can lead to unfortunate outcome. Modern tech devices are thieves’ delight.

An airport, a seminar or an office (overnight setting): a combo saver can accommodate all these. This portable tool basically gets inserted into the common laptop locking slot (most laptops have it), the desired code is adjusted and the retractable cable is wrapped around the nearest heavy or immobile item.

Smart DVR Camera Set

The market of office surveillance has received a new contender, an alert camera kit. It is comprised of four outside cameras with a high-storage digital video recorder. The device can monitor your facilities in both daytime and night-time conditions owing to its infrared lens.

Position the camera at a convenient place, link the DVR to a LCD display unit and connect all cameras with DVR via extension cables. Devise an adequate recording plan and the camera will target any movement within that slot onto the aperture’s hard disk.

Starter Kit for Wireless Security

This one is a rather manageable method to protect your start-up business. The installation is fairly easy to perform and the actual system consists of the following features: both-way communication, one-touch alarm buttons, program-proof automated functions, an LCD monitor, the capacity to establish a maximum of 32 wireless networks and a cable variety.

The audio-controlled options guide can be accessed remotely via your own phone. All you need is to lock the device prior to leaving the premises. What about pets? The specialised detector is immune to pet presence.

Affordable Driveway Alarm System

Big sums of money are not within your budget just yet? The family owned and home-based businesses can benefit from this affordable driveway alarm system. This detector can successfully track the moves of vehicles or people found in front of office rooms, entrance or any other designated place. The range of the sensor is modest but effective 30ft and the whole system seems like a decent upgrade of the commonly used alarm.

Whether you’re running a small or a large-scale business, keeping up with technological progress is always advised. Check out our miscellaneous collection and match the features to your needs.

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Lillian believes that the question of business goes far beyond the maximization of profit through different money-grabbing ploys. Instead, she likes to think that ethical principles should be at the core of every commercial venture, paving the way for much more balanced distribution of wealth on a global scale. As a seasoned business consultant, she tends to advise her clients to always focus on long-term goals and sustainability, rather than on some questionable get-rich-fast schemes.rn

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