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Health and Fitness Gadgets to Improve Your Lifestyle

An array of factors come into play when it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Though we do not leave any stone unturned to lead a better life, at times we make mistakes unknowingly. We fail to understand whether we are on the right track or not.

Regardless of whether you need to stick to your resolution of sticking to a healthy diet or you just want to follow a healthier lifestyle, there are several gadgets to help you out. You need no longer worry if you have to check your blood sugar level or curb your carbohydrate intake, these smart devices can help you out.

Let us check out on a few gadgets that can help you adopt a healthier lifestyle.

Vessyl Cup

Vessyl is not a mug but a smart revolutionary device deft at analyzing the liquids that you drink in it. It is capacitated to inform you of the dietary content that is protein, calories, sugar, caffeine, fat. Still, under development, this mug can identify the beverage by its name as well. It helps to

  • Manage weight
  • Remain hydrated
  • Regulate caffeine intake
  • Bring down sugar intake


Referred to as one of the 25 Best Inventions of the year 2015 by Time Magazine, you can see what is happening with your food at the molecular level. The scanner developed by a team consisting of some of the toppers from different schools and organizations, Nima can easily locate the presence of even  the smallest trace of gluten. This scanner is expected to be shipped to the customers by the end of 2016 or the beginning of the next year. Hope that this sensor gifts the millions of Americans an opportunity to eat out without getting anxious.

“I have to say that I am blown away. Compact and aesthetically beautiful, this portable and sleek sensor is amazingly capable of testing food for gluten in less than two minutes.”

– Hannah Ross Crane, Huffington Post


This is a performance device that gives you feedback on fitness activity. Don’t worry, you won’t get distracted. Here is a list of its features.

  • Speaker with audio prompts detailing on the performance level
  • LED boom offering feedback while you are working out
  • Includes a lightweight unit with an adjustable boom that can be attached easily to a pair of glasses virtually
  • Configuration apps
  • Permits changing between the paired sensors and receiving the audible zone updates. The changing is possible only by tapping on the unit.

The perfect gadget if you are a fitness fanatic, you can monitor the speed, heart rate, cadence, power and pace with a visual display.


Tao is an exercise device to track fitness progress. Functioning like a tiny gym that can fit in your pocket, this does not just tracks your activity but engages in some exercises as well.

It comes with a pressure sensor inside and ability to interact with the iOS and the Android apps. Apart from the exercises, this gadget can also keep track of several activities, including meals that you have.

The gadget includes an accelerometer as you can find in the other popular fitness trackers. It can track movements in a way similar to the high-end pedometers.


A gadget is available now that will analyze the chemicals in food and tell whether it is safe to have that food. The gadget is using its sensors to sniff the potentially dangerous organic compounds, sending the result to your smartphone. This smart kitchen tool will help you to have your meals safely. Lovingly referred to as ‘electric nose’ by its makers, its tells you whether meat, fish or poultry in your fridge is rotting.


Peres is also quite similar to Foodsniffer. Quite often, we dine outside. When you are dining outside, you can determine the freshness and the quality of the meat served with the aid of this device. This gadget chiefly works by scanning the air around, looking for volatile compounds. It will tell you whether the food is fresh, needs to be refrigerated or you need to get rid of it.

So, you can see that there are several devices to help you out if you are really eager to change your lifestyle. What are you waiting for? Use the gadgets and gift yourself and your family a better health!

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He is the head of Sales and Customer Relations. Bio, Has been in the DME (Durable Medical Equipment) and Long Term Care Sales industry for over 20 years. Brought his experience and expertise to Mobi Medical in 2014 as VP of Sales and Customer relations.

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