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Handle Your Apps With Care — Only Invest In A Dedicated Development Company

If you take a hard look at how companies stay competitive in today’s wired world, you’ll quickly see how cutting edge mobile applications are essential to growth and popularity. Today, every industry has some form of app for their customers. Newspapers and magazines roll out their content to busy subscribers who read content on their phones and tablets. Major television networks have broken out of the television box and now offer programming to people on the go. Charities connect donators and fundraisers across multiple countries and continents to support their networks. Games, quizzes, interactive polls, and pop culture and buzz-worthy news stories are scanned by millions of users each day across the country.


If you can’t create a groundbreaking application that changes the way your customers and clients interact with your brand, then you’ll be left behind by companies wise and savvy enough to invest in these types of mobile solutions.

Once you’ve decided to create a new app, the vital first step is to get in contact with a dedicated mobile app development company, and never settle for a free online builder. Never saddle your web team with the task of creating an app if they aren’t already experts; that’s just asking for a lengthy ordeal that delivers a second-rate product. You should approach B2C and B2B app design and development as you would any other major investment, and only work with companies with a clear vision and philosophy and that handle all aspects of the process, from the earliest brainstorms and sketches to fine-tuning the end result after the app has been released.

Working with an in-house team of committed application experts means you’ll be able to customize a product compatible with all platforms: Windows, Kindle, Android, iOS, BlackBerry, and more. That means design teams know all the ins and outs of contemporary programming language: HTML5, CSS, CSS3, Java, JavaScript, C++, and so forth. It’s all about creating a compelling, intuitive, and pleasing User Interface and User Experience, and it calls for some real expertise, training, and commitment. Not every app company will have such focused attention, and not every organization will have a QA (Quality Assurance) team hard at work to test the limitations and capabilities of your project before it becomes available.

If you could use more help narrowing down the field of potential mobile app development companies, look to other big brands and find out where they turned to develop their own applications. If you are in publishing, look at the companies that developed apps for heavyweights like TheNew York Times or the Wall Street Journal. If you deal with media and episodic programming, find out where major networks like ABC or NBC or smaller organizations like Bravo and Oxygen went to work on their fantastic applications. There’s no point in looking down, or further down the scale of quality, when you could look up and aspire to be working with the best companies in the business. For example, was recently selected as an Official Honoree in the 19th Annual Webby Awards for Best Visual Design in the mobile category. With nearly 13,000 entries (stop by for more information), being selected is a testament to their strength and ingenuity. It’s important to note that companies like Clearbridge Mobile excel for a reason, and those are the companies you want to be working with when developing your mobile app.

With more platforms and opportunities to interact with your customer base than ever before, there’s never been a more lucrative time to invest in mobile applications. Simply be sure to do your homework, invest in a reputable in-house team that handles all aspects of the app building process, and know that what you put in to your new mobile project will pay back in dividends—if you work with the right company!

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