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Guide to Finding Psychic Healers

When you are looking for individuals that are gifted at helping to do psychic readings and helping to remove negative energies, you have to be careful who you choose to go and see.

If you are looking to find people that can help you to get your gifts moving and accessing your energy or to reach people from the other side, then you need to pay attention to certain things.

One thing, most healers will charge between $150 and $300 dollars and if you find someone that is charging high amounts of money then you might be working with an extortionist.  Even though everyone should be paid for their work, there is an amount of money that people should charge.

Energy Healers

Energy healers that focus on getting rid of spiritual and emotional blockages are known to use Reiki, hypnotism and rituals.  They are good at soul retrieval.


People that are intuitive people have a deep premonition and can use intuition as one of their tools.  They also are known to do acupuncture and astrology as part of their confirmation.  The healers are able to access certain skills where they can reach spirits through mediumistic qualities.

Psychic Mediums

Being a psychic medium means that you can access loved ones and friends on the other side, and it is the deepest form of intuition that people can have.  If you have strong faith, you can understand readings and trust that they are real and that they can be done blindly or in a team.

Make sure that you know the medium that you are working with because there are many mediums that are fraudulent and are not developed in their skills.  This can cause you to have deeper grief and to not really speak to your loved ones.

A medium should not be a therapist and the best ones will connect with you and have a goal of making sure that your loved one can converse with you through dreams or visitations.

Mediums should not be completely accurate and will get about 85% of the information correct.  Sometimes, information that is given will come later down the road and so you need to feel confident with your medium.  If a medium gives you names and dates, you have to understand what they are seeing and make sure that you hold them to what they are doing.

Remember, being a medium means that you are interpreting signs and symbols and reaching to the parallel universe.  A medium is doing an interpretation and sometimes the meaning is not always clear.

Finally, you may not need to see the medium in person and can connect with them over the phone or online and still get an accurate reading.

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