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Guide to Buying a Headlamp for Hiking

How to choose a headlamp

The best way to release your hands when you want to light something is the use of a headlamp. It is convenient to perform different activities while you light up but without the need to have your hands busy. The most important criteria that we recommend to choose a headlamp for hiking are:

  • Output or output power
  • Lightning-type
  • Battery type
  • Comfort
  • Price

We are going to review some of the best-LED headlamps that we can find in the market, basically Led Lenser and Petzl flashlights, which are the brands of LED flashlights that we consider to offer the front LEDs with the best quality/price ratio. We discard those flashlights that do not have good lighting at the start.

The characteristics that we consider most important at the time of choosing in the purchase of a headlamp for hiking or mountain routes in which we can do at night are good and powerful light (range and radius of lighting), the weight of the flashlight and the duration of the batteries. Due to the characteristics, we need in front lanterns for hiking, in our selection only LED headlamps are going to enter since the characteristics of the LED lighting technology are powerful and light flashlights and with long-lasting batteries.

Characteristics of headlamps

Most of the lanterns you buy will give you the luminous output (lumen output) in the package. The output is only one of the criteria to evaluate when you go to buy a headlamp. The main unit of a flash of light contains three basic elements that affect the type of lightning. These are the light source, the reflector and the lens. The characteristics of these elements determine the type and quality of the light emitted by the headlamp. A thin beam tends to be narrower, but the light will reach objects farther away. A wide-spread beam has a point that reduces the illumination of distant objects. Headlamps are ideal for working up close in dark places, going camping, etc.

Nowadays you can find LED headlamps, which have LED as a light source. The quality of the colour is much better. It is better headlights with AA batteries. These batteries are easier to get than CR123 batteries, which are the type used in high-end flashlights.

Low-end flashlights tend to use AAA batteries. If you are going to be with the lamp for a couple of hours, or prolonged time, it is important that the lamp is comfortable and fits your head to prevent it from falling. This includes if you are going to be wearing a hat if you are going to wear a cycling helmet, or anything else.

The first thing that most of us do when we think about buying a headlamp or any product is to consider the price. The price is important, but it should not be the main thing on your priority list. Many times the cheapest or the most expensive simply do not have the performance or quality you want.

As I have said before, for our private selection we have chosen Led Lenser lanterns and Petzl lanterns, which are of course not the only brands that sell LED lanterns, but we believe that in front led hiking are those that have a better supply of flashlights. Quality at a good price!

Well, these help you in choosing to buy a led headlamp for hiking to accompany you in the outings or excursions in which you have to walk at night, go to dark places, go to spend the night out, or there is simply some chance that it will happen at night.

In any case, these flashlights with enough economic taking into account their benefits, weigh little in your backpack and you can give a great service, or get out of more than a hurry, because in the mountains you never know if everything will come out as we have planned, especially with the hours of return.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Ethan

    December 14, 2018 at 10:53 am

    Great post! Thank you so much! Tips and tricks are great – will use it! Hiking is my hobby and this post about headlamp is so useful.

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