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GRAVITY: New Language for Mobile App Development

App stores are right now exploding with the mobile application as hundreds of applications are submitted every day. New and innovative features of evolving mobile application put app developers to test to come up with a new idea for competing in the market. Mobile app development is trying to enhance the process of developing an app so they can provide deliver the best application as quickly as possible.

Smoothening the process of developing a new Language name Gravity is introduced for the developers. Gravity is an embeddable, lightweight programming language written in C is a great option for mobile app development with multiple web variant. Supporting data-driven, functional, object-oriented, and procedural programming, Gravity is currently is in Beta version allows the developers to write portable codes for Android and iOS.

Based in C and similar to Swift, Gravity is very helpful to the developers.

Features of Gravity

  • According to the project description, Gravity can be compiled on any platform using a C99 compiler as it is a class-based concurrent scripting language, syntax similar to the swift.
  • Compiler and virtual machine together constitute less than 200 kb to the executable on a 64-bit system.
  • Gravity is provided with the built -in testing support for the developers.
  • It also has language expansion with C API.
  • It have full bug tracking capabilities
  • It has the feature of Drag-and-Drop feature for project creation.
  • For developers ability to create a story is very useful, this feature allows a developer to create a story on each step. Each step is consists of relevant information which will assist the developer to estimate what will it take to implement the story.

Third Party Integration

Like other project management application Gravity also offer the capability of third-party integration. But the notable add-on is its integration with Google Apps.After installing the Gravity on Google Domain some of its features can be extended for further usability. This will allow the organizations to attach their projects on Google domain to assign a issues or stories to the users(others who are part of the Google domain).

Google Apps integration with the tools enables the use of shared Google calendar, and Google contacts in your project. This integration gives single -sign interface, users gets free from the burden of additional passwords.

Final Thoughts

Gravity is designed and built in such away the Agile developers will find it very useful. Features like bug finding, third party integration with Google Apps makes its much more developer oriented and less complex.Trends in mobile app development keep changes accordingly with needs of the market, a developer should adapt the latest technology in order to fulfill these needs. Gravity can be the upcoming trends in mobile app development technology due to its Agile and stupendous features.

Gravity is based on C language and almost similar to developing language Swift. It allows the developer to create Android and iOS App, which makes it one of the most prominent choices for developers.

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Ariana Johnson currently working as a blogger with MobileAppdaily. She has a very detailed knowledge of the mobile app industry. Ariana via Mobileappdaily shares her pinpoint views over the latest mobile app technology news. You can follow her on Twitter .



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