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GoPro Pro Tips: 3 Steps to the Perfect Video


GoPro-driven videos are some of the most popular on the Internet, delivering the unique perspective of the world’s most extreme conditions and activities that only this rugged outdoors camera can provide. However, getting the most exciting footage using your new GoPro is more than being in the moment. Creating the video of a lifetime starts with careful planning and a vision of the finished product, and once you’ve mastered the basics you can click here for more on the latest offerings from GoPro.

Consider the Content

The best GoPro videos are more than just continuous action shots, they build a narrative of the unfolding events as well. The GoPro features a high definition still shooting mode along with its signature video recording mode along with a timer that can be set to shoot every second, every 10 seconds or every 60 seconds. Still shots are an excellent change of pace during a long or repetitive action sequence, and so it can be a good idea to take photos of the environment or other relevant subjects to craft a cohesive story.

Incorporate Multiple Shots

Shooting from various positions is not only the best way to find an ideal perspective for a shot, but can also add interest to a video clip by combining multiple angles providing a more complete view of unfolding events. Self-timing modes can also be useful for mounted shooting and other applications, and photographers can also try creating a custom mount to record from a unique angle. For instance, the first-person perspective that has made the GoPro famous can best be achieved by firmly attaching the camera to the side of a full-face helmet with an adhesive mount.

Choose your Mount

The security of the GoPro’s mount is critical to the finished product, as excessive movement can make videos choppy and nearly unwatchable. Always mount a GoPro as securely as possible, and be sure to place the equipment on a low motion perch point whenever possible. For example, recording video from a bike is much smoother when the camera is mounted to the helmet or chest instead of the bike itself, which is constantly absorbing impact and vibration into its rigid frame while in motion.


Although careful planning can go a long way toward turning out a quality GoPro video, only experience can yield the absolute best results from a GoPro camera. Users should become familiar with the device through the online tutorials as well as through use in order to eventually spend less time thinking about the controls and more getting the perfect shot.

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