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Google Tools Save Slow Loading Websites

Lurking on sidebars across the world, buried within widgets on business or personal blogs and floating mystically across the webpage horizons lurk the advertisement, a business’ attempt to lure one into buying an innovative frying pan or male enhancement products which are deemed to work.  The invasion of the ads infested the internet ever since Amazon began pushing their offerings and well before that even yet.  Why do many visitors contribute to high business website bounce rates? Listen to these main reasons in candid detail then apply to websites if and where applicable:

Pages Load Ridiculously Slow

Gone are the advertisements that sat motionlessly on top of pages or sides of content; we’re now in the era of interactive JavaScript and Flash-based advertisements.  Pretty to look at? Certainly.  Annoying, slow and have little bearing on the website which visitors came to see? Nearly 100% true. Ads cause nothing more than headaches, disgruntled visitors and low conversions unless you run a Top 50 website across the world.

Too Many Placed On Sites

It’s one thing to attempt to run effective targeted affiliate programs or AdSense campaigns; it’s another to pepper a website with ads, luring people to click on an ad when they’re simply trying to ‘Read More’. Businesses that lack any formal interpersonal skills tend to optimize websites simply to harvest clicks or impressions; pounding a perfectly good website with useless advertisements devaluates what content exists within the site.

People, Honestly, Don’t Care!

Nearly everything advertised in Flash ads or excessive AdSense placements can either be found at Walmart, Target or via search engines.  Something piqued the interest of a visitor to visit a particular website and through placement of irrelevant and annoying and script-eating advertisements, businesses simply imbue hatred into that visitor before they’ve even read the first sentence of the landing page.

Conventional wisdom states if someone is interested in buying facial creams or gasoline additives, they’d search the web for such.  Finally, by advertising a product similar to a business’ niche on their site, they may as well give away visitors or, inevitably, help them get traffic instead of concentrating on their own offerings or content.

Utilize More Google Services

Website optimization kings across the globe, general researchers and businesses snooping on competition or attempting to gain a following tend to flock towards Google’s common services or other places where businesses, much like yours, can find out exactly where getting fast cash online would prove beneficial. Google Plus, Keyword Tool and Google Insights For Search are also excellent places to shop for services.  A wealth of other tools and services provided by the search giant could also provide wonderful success-building opportunities for new or existing businesses and programmers seeking to learn something new.  We examine some forgotten classics from the Google Services library which could prove both insightful and prudential.

Google Blog Search

Hidden conveniently on the left behind a ‘More’ down arrow resides the Google Blog Search feature which allows anyone to find blogs relevant to keywords, sort them by when posts were last recorded and site search the blog all at once.  Great tool for seeing if proposed content titles are taken.

Sometimes knowing what’s hot across the world is perfect for writing follow-up stories based off those news trends.  With Google News, freelance writers or content providers can keep fresh content on blogs or websites which keeps opinions flowing and readership elevated.


Dozens of clandestine yet useful Google Services were created for convenience, not due to office monotony.  Once people log into their Google accounts, one can simply run a search on ‘Google services’ and render a world of different products, free of charge, that can boost a business to the next level or enhance their already successful website.

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Posted by Greg Henderson, an Internet Marketer and SEO Associate for a cell phone lookup site, and an find an email address site



  1. Jane

    December 6, 2012 at 4:02 pm

    It is very true that loading speed of websites is a crucial factor in keeping the traffic that comes (which in itself is a great thing indeed) or let it slip through the fingers. We can say from our own experience in browsing other websites that we really don’t care to wait long enough for the loading to complete, even on fast loading websites. So will be our readers.

  2. santosh Kumar

    June 11, 2013 at 11:58 am

    This is very nice tips. when you develop the website keep this tips in mind. it is very beneficial for attracting the visitors to website.

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