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Google Authorship is Gone; However, Author Rank is Here to Stay


Google has finally decided to put an end to its three years’ experiment with Google Authorship, though it has plans to go on with the use of Author Rank and make search results through it continue to come in. You can even have Author Rank without any help from Google Authorship. There is a basic difference between Google Authorship and Author Rank. Hence, web masters and experts hope Author Rank to live on.

Google Authorship:

Google Authorship was mainly the process through which the authors of different write-ups on Google could identify themselves for display on net. ‘Markup’ code asserted the entire thing remaining hidden from human view yet being present within web pages. Google took initiative to link it with Google+ for creating a Google controlled process of identifying authors and also managing their identities.

The users of Google Authorship got rewarded as their names and images below or on the side of their stories. Google decided to make the stories with displayed authorship to draw more traffic and clicks. Google Authorship is officially obsolete now. Google dropped the image support in last June. Now even the bylines of the program are also gone. According to Google, the markup people already have in the pages will not get damaged. In future, it will just be ignored and not used anymore. However, there is no need to remove them all, as such markups can be used by different other companies. However, other companies can use rel=author or rel=me and other such microformats to be used as other services.

Author Rank:

Google Authorship is a lot different from the concept of Author Rank. Google, if it knows who wrote content, can even alter the ranks of that particular story and give it a boost if written by a trustworthy author. Author Rank is not exactly Google’s term. It is only the SEO community in general that has assigned the term to the concept. The idea actually got more attention after the Google chairman; Eric Schmidt discussed this idea of rank verified authors to go higher in search results, in his book, The New Digital Age, written in 2013.

Information in all the verified online profiles are always ranked much higher than all sorts of content that do not have such verification. This usually results in making the users clicking on all sorts of verified links coming on top of all results. So, remaining anonymous does not have much value in this case.

Author Rank is Real:

Last year, there were talks at length inside Google itself about making proper use of Author Rank for identifying all subject experts in order to push them in search results. The first action in this respect could be observed in March, this year. Google Search’s head Amit Singhal, said, Author Rank was still not being used when the head of web spam team at Google gave a caveat on the matter regarding where Author Rank can be used. It is mainly the ‘In-depth articles’ for which it was allowed to be used indiscriminately.

Author Rank but no Authorship:

It is almost an undeniable fact now that Google Authorship is officially dead now. Now, the questions that arise in this periphery are, can Google still use Author Rank in the very limited format it confirmed to have? Is What about Author Rank? Is it also dead now? In other way, does this mean, Author Rank does not have any use anymore?

According to Google doing away with Google Authorship must not have a clear impact on exactly how the system of ‘In-depth articles’ work. This internet giant says that dropping of Google Authorship should not impact any of its other efforts for exploring different other tools to reward the online authors.

Let us have a look at how exactly it can happen as Google claims hitherto ignoring authorship markup.

Google has its own methodologies to determine who it actually considers to be the author of a particular story, whenever it feels like doing so. Google can try to look for some visible bylines that usually appear in news stories. These were there even before Google Authorship came to exist and it is probably not going anywhere.

If you are thinking that more Author Rank will be used in near future, think about bylines. That can be the major alternative to signals for detecting the author of the story. Google has literally abandoned its old, formal system.

There is no need to worry much about the Author Ranks. This process is actually confirmed for a limited part in Google Search. The process can even grow beyond that. In case it does so, it can be just one of the many SEO rank related factors that produce Google’s listings. Bylines are appropriate, yet quite important. Google has the aim to maintain the quality of all the stories being published online.

Zoom Web Media is an internet marketing company that takes the best care of the fact that all their clients get their sites optimized on the search engine in a way that their sites remain visible to most of their potential customers. The in-house team of content writers out there get good Author Ranks and as a result of that their articles blogs come on the higher positions of search ranking. Moreover, the client for whom they write articles also get to see a good result of the process as their websites come on the higher ranks of search engine and as a result, the company does good business.

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Alice Aires is the web master who has several years of experience in doing research on Author ship and Author Rank. If you want to have more information about this, just go through his other articles and blogs on the same subjects. He is associated with E Search Technologies for 10 long years. By now, he has also been able to create a complete team of experts in the company for doing effective SEO process for its clients.

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