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Give Your Website Presence & A Sense Of Purpose

By now, every Business would have tapped into the Internet market to help produce more projected sales. Creating websites has become extremely cheap over the years with a barrage of web design companies popping up and competing for clients, this also means there has been a rise in Businesses getting online and also competing in their own industries so online presence and marketing is also on the rise. There is no better time than now to both evaluate current web marketing tactics and employ new ones to reach your 2015 goals.


Here are my 4 tips to promoting your online presence for this year.

Your Google Presence

Every person, when wanting to search for something on the Internet will automatically think “Google it…”, Google has become the search engine to turn to when in need, they actually own 68% of the US search query market, this is what you need to tap into, there are an estimated 12 billion searches per month so it comes as no surprise that Business owners want to be listed in Google searches for their key phrases.

One of these ways to get into their good books, is to use search engine optimization (SEO), beware though as this is no quick fix and can take several months to even appear one page 1-2. The Google algorithms which work out who is more popular within certain industries is constantly changing and being updated, this also means that SEO companies much change tack every now and then, so you may see yourself drop in positions as well a giant positions.

Another way of getting onto the first page is by using a PPC agency, Pay-Per-Click was created by Google to allow anyone with a product or a service to get listed on the front of Google within advertisements, this service does cost a monthly fee as Google charge per keyword and by each and every click. Here is an example of a search and where you could be placed:

PPC is placed to the right of the results page for your chosen keyword, sometimes they are placed right below the search box itself, this depends on what you search for as shopping results can come in first.

Online Directories

Many SEO companies think directories are now ignored by Google, personally I think this is not true at all. If you target the ones that are local to you community and just outside, Google will take this into account when people are using search terms within that local community itself, therefore, boosting your online presence within the area.

There are many different types of directories such as special check-in services, social media directories, portal recommendations and more. The fantastic thing about this is, you do not need to use an SEO company as the Business owner can do this themselves if they choose to, all you need is an Email address and your Business information. Of course, not everyone Business owner can do this and will actually employ a company to do this for them.

This article was produced by an SEO company, UK – we would love to hear how you promote your online Business at the moment, if there is anything we can do for you, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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