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Getting to the Bottom of the First FDA-Registered CBD Pain Relief Cream on the Market

There are many conflicting reports about what it means to be FDA-registered versus FDA-cleared. Some CBD brands will have you believe the two terms are interchangeable to sell their products without knowing what happens during registration. These brands might be selling over-the-counter products without an FDA registration number.

An accredited CBD brand, AmourCBD™, whose products are exclusively distributed around the East Coast at NobleCanni, underwent a year-long process to gain an FDA registration for their Advanced Pain Relief Cream. Today, theirs is the first hemp-based CBD product with an FDA registration.

Ed Donnelly: The Founder of AmourCBD™

Ed Donnelly is a retired registered nurse and founder of AmourCBD™ who worked as a Burn Center Nurse in New York for 30 years, where he encountered the height of pain and misery with minimal relief. After his wife fell off a ladder, she found relief in CBD for acute pain. While these ointments were effective, they were hardly perfect. Not only did they reek of menthol, but they were also very greasy and probably had more THC than was allowed (0.3%).

The Reason for Coming Out of Retirement

Donnelly came out of retirement to remove these chinks and create an objectively perfect CBD pain cream. His final product contained an active ingredient called lidocaine, meaning it had to be registered with the FDA, a step many brands conveniently skip because it’s expensive and time-consuming, and they want to capitalize on the demand while it’s still on the upward trajectory.

Unlike many other CBD brands, however, Donnelly gained an FDA registration number for his zero-THC topical-use cream. He didn’t need FDA approval, which is only required in the case of prescription medicine, whereas Donnelly’s cream could be distributed over the counter.

Defining FDA-Registered in the Context of AmourCBD™’s Advanced Pain Relief Cream

According to Donnelly, becoming FDA-registered means that AmourCBD™’s Advanced Pain Relief Cream complies with FDA manufacturing guidelines. It also verifies the following aspects of the product.

200mg of CBD

The FDA verifies that AmourCBD™’s Advanced Pain Relief Cream has 200mg of natural, non-psychoactive CBD, which is interesting when you see it in a wider context. Most products contain 1000mg or more CBD, so how did AmourCBD™ make their product effective for pain relief with such low CBD?


The above question brings us to this product’s second ingredient, lidocaine, a topical anesthetic administered to prevent and alleviate pain by numbing the skin and tissue. The four percent lidocaine works with 200mg of CBD synergistically, elevating the purpose of this cream and making it more effective than any other natural CBD pain cream. In other words, it has a compound effect best described as 1+1=11 when reacting with your body and relieves pain more effectively and much faster than any other soothing CBD product.

FDA-Certified Manufacturing Facility

This cream is manufactured in an FDA-certified manufacturing facility. The organization oversees and inspects the operations in such facilities regularly, which is more than one can say for products flown in from overseas territories, such as China, that may contain microbes, pesticides, and other harmful impurities.

By being FDA-registered, this cream assures the users that its products don’t contain any harmful elements, be they heavy metals, external additives, or harmful cannabinoids that have no place in AmourCBD™ products.

TheWiderThought Process Behind a Zero-THC Policy

AmourCBD™ is strictly against infusing their products with trace amounts of THC. Their reason is quite simple. Their primary objective was to develop the best, safest, and most effective remedy for pain and inflammation with zero side effects so that their audience can live life to the fullest and without any long- or short-term consequences of opioids.

You don’t have to be an expert to know that THC is harmful. It’s the root cause of all the bad rep that CBD products get, causing pulmonary issues, distorting thought processes, and leading to substance abuse.

Most CBD brands risk the side effects of THC because they believe it works synergistically with CBD for the reported benefits. AmourCBD™ didn’t want to take that risk, so they replaced THC with lidocaine HCL, and it worked like a charm if the below testimonies are anything to go by.

What do the Users Say About AmourCBD™’s Advanced Pain Relief Cream?

Below are some of the most noteworthy reviews about AmourCBD™’s Advanced Pain Relief Cream.

Emily Reviews

Emily Reviews gushed about the lidocaine component of the pain relief cream, saying it worked quickly and was free of side effects. The platform recommended the product because it absorbed quickly and was manufactured in the USA from American ingredients.

The Mommies Reviews

Glenda C. posted a review for the cream on The Mommies Reviews, saying what she liked best about the cream was its lack of odor. Many CBD creams have a strong smell, irritating many users. However, AmourCBD™’s Advanced Pain Relief Cream is odorless and contains medical-grade ingredients. The elements it doesn’t contain are equally impressive, such as THC, pesticides, metals, etc.

Missy’s Product Reviews

Missy’s Product Reviews gave the product a glowing review, crediting the lidocaine for its numbing factors that greatly relieved chronic pain around the neck and shoulders.

Access the CBD Pain Cream Online at NobleCanni

If the word on the proverbial street is anything to go by, AmourCBD™’s Advanced Pain Relief Cream is the ideal remedy for any joint or muscle pain and immobility you might feel. It relieves inflammation while reassuring the user about the side effects, of which there are precisely zero.

The brand was created out of a grandfather’s love for his wife and granddaughter, and it’s spreading that love across the East Coast through NobleCanni, the new home for accredited CBD brands, charities, and storytellers.

Come and get your last and only go-to pain remedy on the website. Don’t forget to join their email tribe to get a 25% discount on your first order.

Get in touch for more details.

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