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Getting Ready For Cyber Monday 2015

The name “Cyber Monday” came about when produced a press release in 2005 which identified a annual spike in online purchases the first Monday after Thanksgiving. These days the vast majority of online retailers jump on the Cyber Monday promotional train and offer big discounts and promotions for a 24hr period.

For online shopping in both the USA and UK, Cyber Monday is now without question the biggest day of the year for retailers. Having tracked retailer promotions and customer sentiment over the last 4 years, a report has finally been produced by Forrester in partnership with Bizrate Insights to give us some great insight into this crucial day.


The research shows that in 2014, 39% of people shopping online said that Cyber Monday is their main shopping day in the year. This has increased by a staggering 22% in 2010 showing how “Cyber Monday” has really taken off. The report has estimated that online retailers processed over £1.5 billion in sales with this figure set to increase in 2015.

If you are planning on taking advantage of the Cyber Monday sales then here are some tips for making sure you get the best deals on the latest tech and gadgets.

  • Shop early to grab the best bargains
    A lot of online retailers will have limited stock, with websites like Amazon actually offering a set quantity of stock at a special price. Make sure you get in there early in the morning to ensure all the best bargains are available.
  • Shop Around for even better savings
    Most people just head to the major retailers and expect them to have the best offers. This was probably the case back in 2010 but these days there are plenty of smaller retailers offering fantastic discounts.
  • Do Your Research In Advance
    Whether its the latest smart phone, a new tablet or a washing machine you are looking to buy, make sure you do your research before the day. When Cyber Monday comes around you don’t want to spend time reading reviews and cross checking technical specs, you want to be buying. Have your hit list of product ready so you know exactly what you are looking for.
  • Order on the phone if you are having issues with the website
    Due to the huge increase in traffic and activity, websites can often crash or hang which can be hugely frustrating. If this is the case and you are unable to complete the transaction online, you can always call the company and order over the phone. These days most companies offer freephone numbers (0800 or 0808) or 0300 / 0345 Numbers meaning you wont have to pay for the call. Watch out for expensive premium rate numbers like 0845 / 0870 which can cost huge amounts to call and can actually wipe out the savings you are making on your shopping.
  • Take Advantage of Free Postage
    Typically for physically smaller items retailers will offer free shipping however there is normally a charge for bigger and bulkier items. On Cyber Monday many retailers offer site wide free postage meaning you can make extra savings on the bigger items.

By following these tips you will get the most out of the day and hopefully help you grab the best bargains.

Cyber Monday is coming on 30th November 2015 – Happy Shopping!

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