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Gaming Consoles Declare War on Used Games


With the PS4 and the Xbox One preparing to launch in the 2013 holiday season, we’ve finally had a chance to view some system specifications. Both systems look impressive, but the message from both companies seems mixed when it comes to used games. The days of buying used games, or even borrowing a friend’s disc for the weekend, may be coming to an end.

Stopping, Or At Least Profiting From Used Games

It’s been suggested both systems will not play used games until the gamer purchases a fee to play. So if you borrow your buddy’s copy of Mass Effect 4 or Watchdogs, for instance, it won’t play for you until you fork over some cash.

The situation’s even worse if you regularly purchase used games. In addition to paying for the used game, you still have to pay the access fee. This suggests the consoles are trying to push users towards buying new games by making used games less economical.

Game Developers Hate Used Games

Why take this move, which is sure to tick off the gaming community? Console developers are under pressure from gaming developers, who hate used games and trading. Every used game sold is money the game developer loses from sales. Their attitude is: anyone buying a used game is cheating them out of their profits.

Well, cry me a river. I guess the gaming industry feels it needs to have a special dispensation against secondhand sales. Other industries may not like it, but they live with it. If I choose to sell my old laptop, it still runs for the new owner. When I looked into replacement windows, Mechanicsburg DIYers were able to salvage some of the old latches and glass. Heck, the sale of used cars is its own industry.

Any Hope For Used Games?

The final nail hasn’t been nailed in the used game’s coffin just yet. Sony has backtracked on the issue recently, with company statements suggesting PS4 games will play in the new system, used or not. While the statements have given gamers some hope, it should be noted that being able to play a used game doesn’t rule out the possibility you’ll have to play for the privilege.

And that stinks.

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Katie Elizabeth is a freelance blogger and content coordinator with experience in several industries, including panasonic telephone systems firms , real estate and online ordering restaurant. When she's not writing, she loves traveling and listening to music.



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