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Digital Marketing

Fundamental Mediums of Digital Marketing that You Must Know

The Internet has become a major part of an individual’s daily routine and the bulk of his/her day goes in accessing the internet for one thing or the other. With Internet holding such an important position in people’s daily life it becomes mandatory for all the business owners to access the same medium to promote and advertise their products or services.

Nowadays every product or service ranging from small to big can be found on the internet and if you, as a business owner, are still questioning as to whether you should move your business online or not then you are, indeed, missing on a big chunk of profit that you could make post taking your business online. Once you move your business online you need to get involved in digital marketing in order to increase your visibility over the internet.

Digital marketing is all about the way that you should employ to impressively promote and advertise your business online so that people get attracted and interested in your product or service and are compelled to go for the same. You can either hire digital marketing experts for your business or if you feel like you can go ahead and join any one of the best online marketing courses to learn and acquire the tips and tricks for yourself.

Digital marketing, indeed, sounds like a single term but it is not. In fact, digital marketing consists of several domains and an organization, in today’s world, cannot survive without investing a significant part of their budget towards digital marketing. Following are the chief and fundamental mediums of digital marketing. It will be extremely helpful for your organization if you devise your digital marketing strategy around these channels. Moreover, you will get to know as to what medium is working best for you and later on, you can invest time enhancing the same.

Displaying Advertisements

As clear from the name itself this medium includes designing cool graphical advertisements and putting them on websites and applications. The advertisements can be in any format like text, animations, images, GIFs, videos etc. However, the primary thing which requires your attention is that the advertisements must be in relevance with what the individuals are searching for.

Also, before displaying an advertisement, make sure you take the geographical restrictions into account. If you have a big e-commerce business and ship worldwide then it is meaningful to display the advertisement internationally. However, if the product or service offered by your business is limited to your state only then it will be utterly useless and a waste of essential resources if you are putting up advertisements for that beyond the geographical boundary of your state.

With the analytics tool running behind the advertisements you can, actually, come to know as to how many persons clicked on the advertisement, what they did when they were navigated to your website and how many displayed interest in the product or service by, actually, signing up or registering on your website. This, indeed, increases the online presence of your business and even builds up a great deal of brand awareness.

Email Marketing

Again it is clear from the name itself, under email marketing you promote your products or services to the targeted customers with the aid of email. However, the thing which is extremely arduous and demanding in email marketing is to build up a loyal customer base who have subscribed to your newsletters via email. This is because a bulk of the individuals don’t like receiving emails from brands or businesses.

Hence, you need to promote the services or the products offered by your business in such a way that the consumer themselves feel compelled to subscribe to your email newsletters. However, please draw a line to the number of emails that you are sending. If you happen to send emails on a regular basis, very soon the customer will get frustrated with the same and eventually unsubscribe from your emails. So, only send an email when you are launching a new product or delivering a new service which you feel that your existing customers will get benefit from.

This will help to gain loyal customers who, in turn, will become the mouth of your brand and indirectly promote your business by discussing with their family, relatives, and friends.

Marketing through Social Media

Social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are a great way to promote and advertise your business. However, whenever you are posting any content or writing down certain comments please go through your content and comments for at least 3-4 times to see whether everything is correct. This is because if you happen to post some erroneous content or a comment which might seem to be hateful for some individuals before you could remove the same, it would have been seen by millions and forwarded to millions more. This would, eventually, impact the reputation of your business.

Affiliate Marketing

You can encourage individuals, who have their own websites or blogs, to join as an affiliate for your business. Affiliate means that they will be promoting your business by putting down links to your products or services on their blog or website for a commission.

The commission can be paid on the basis of either of the three ways which are Pay per Click, Pay per Sale and Pay per Lead. Hence, in the case of affiliate marketing your business is, actually, getting promoted for no cost at all. You only need to pay to the affiliate a small commission whenever an action, on which both you and the affiliate have mutually consented, occurs.

That might be when a visitor on the affiliate’s website or blogs’ click on the affiliate link or when the visitor, through the affiliate link, purchases any product/service from your website or if the visitor, with the medium of affiliate link, signs up or registers on your website.


Digital marketing is not something which a business can take lightly these days. If done properly, digital marketing can bring in a lot of customers who are interested to purchase your product or go for your service. Hence, you must devise a digital marketing strategy carefully by taking all the points into consideration.

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