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From Self-Sabotage to Self-Mastery: Strategies for Harnessing the Energy of Your Human Design

Your human design can be quite a powerful tool that empowers you into the best version of yourself. Here are some general tips each person can consider as they improve themselves.

Attaining the best of your human design requires acknowledging and working with your energy type.

Your human design can be quite a powerful tool that empowers you into the best version of yourself. Unfortunately, most people are unaware of how to handle their energy type. This leads to self-improvement stagnation and lackluster results.

Harnessing the power of your human design is no simple feat. It can even take trial and error if you’re starting from scratch. But when you finally decide to make effort to figure it out, it brings you a step closer to steering your life in the right direction.

General Strategies for Your Human Design

Human design has various energy types, including manifestors, generators, manifesting generators, projectors and reflectors. Customizing your strategy plan based on your category is important for the best results. Here are some general tips each person can consider as they improve themselves.

1. Identify Your Human Design Energy Type

If you’re new to human design, you must know your energy type accurately. Part of the reason you may struggle to harness your power is you’ve mistaken your energy type. As a result, you’re going about it the wrong way.

For instance, generators constitute nearly 70% of the world’s population, which usually makes people believe they fall into that role. However, after review, perhaps they’re actually manifesting generators.

2. Stop the Self-Sabotage

Before you work on positivity, it’s crucial to eliminate the negativity. This can be easier said than done for almost all human design energy types, but the first step is to figure out how you’re self-sabotaging.

Some people’s human design thrives best when acting on intuition. However, they may deprive themselves of following this route because they lack trust. Recognition is an integral part of stopping the cycle and changing your focus.

3. Adjust Your Diet

While the energy highlighted in human design refers more to one’s spiritual makeup, your body’s physical needs can also influence this. Thus, adjusting your eating habits and options according to your energy type can actually improve your grasp of your human design.

For instance, some seafood offers plenty of omega-3 fatty acids and nutrients — perfect for generators. This human design is about sustained energy, making a more powerful, protein-rich diet a necessity.

4. Improve Your Rest Cycle

Rest is another factor that can greatly improve your capabilities. Everyone has different cycles, with some needing more sleep to flourish. Apart from their energy type, this depends entirely on their overall energy use.

For instance, manifestors are much more relaxed than their counterparts. This entails shorter rest periods. Generators seem like the complete opposite, operating on high energy levels that require more extensive rest.

5. Connect With Your People

The world is comprised of people who base their compatibility on their enneagram, star sign and more. Try to include the human design energy type in the list when picking people to invest your time and effort into knowing.

It’s not that a generator can only get along well with other generators. Getting to know others is how you learn about others and navigate life. However, some clashes can be too taxing. It’s important to have like-minded people who understand you and vice versa.

6. Understand Other Parts of Your Human Design

Human design encompasses many parts of your energy field. Aside from your type, you get to know your body’s profile, strategy, energy centers and authority. You connect this information with your motivations and actions in the long run, which helps you master your very self.

Particular charts keep some of your energy centers undefined. Reflectors may have less information on their body graphs because of their uniqueness, but that’s part of why self-mastery becomes even more important. Try to learn about yourself and trust yourself beyond the content that sites and platforms provide.

Tips For the Human Design Energy Types

After forming a set of habits, it’s time to dive deeper into a personalized strategy for your energy type. Adopt the tips according to the category you fit. You can also set goals for self-mastery to align better with your unique human design.

For Manifestors

Manifestors can be quite passive in nature, often repelling other people. Outsiders often see this energy field as a flaw, but reframing your mindset is best. Being informative is not meant to drive away others but to influence them.

You typically seek peace and find it in conflict solutions people defer from. This possible reaction can make you hesitant about harnessing your energy, but there is beauty in sharing your insights. Continue to speak. Let them handle it if they’re unsure of how to react — you can guide them, but going above and beyond is unnecessary.

For Generators

Generators are the epitome of being active, full of energy and life at most times. However, the knowledge of this usually leads to them having high expectations of themselves. They often push themselves to the brink of burnout.

It’s important to recognize when your energy field needs a reset. This can be in the form of seeking help from others. Learning to rely on others will actually help you harness your energy rather than hinder it. You can also practice being more realistic instead of optimistic, which will condition you to accept that you need more time and energy for certain tasks.

For Manifesting Generators

One interesting analogy for a manifesting generator is how your energy system is like a boat. One small leak is no cause for concern, but a multitude of them or bigger openings can make you go underwater for a while.

As a partial manifestor, you take time to process your emotions. The generator side of a manifesting generator can often implore you to keep going. It’s imperative to work on your introspection and be more forgiving of yourself.

For Projectors

Projectors are also passive, but they have an absorbing aura that’s considered the opposite of a manifestor’s. What can hinder them from harnessing their full power is how vulnerable they can be to other people’s energy.

To master your human design, understand which invitations you should accept and decline. Knowing when to stand your ground can do wonders for you in the long run. Focus on developing your wisdom and senses instead of getting swept away by others.

For Reflectors

While the rest of the energy types are solar beings, the lunar cycle influences reflectors more. They speed through emotional changes and often reflect other people’s energy onto themselves. Oftentimes, they may feel hesitant to face this role directly.

It can be unsettling to notice the feelings of many people around you. However, learning how to distinguish your aura from others can help you feel more confident. Having more pride in your energy also ties into harnessing it better.

Become a Master of Your Energy Type

Take control of your journey by keeping your energetic blueprint at the top of your mind. All the insights you learn about yourself will surprise you.

There’s no guarantee it will be smooth sailing, but being conscious of the best strategies for your energy type helps you achieve composure. Try affirming yourself when stressors arise to remind yourself of your goals.

  • Affirmation: I will not work against myself. I will recognize my human design and energy type. I will take steps to master my energy field to make each day fulfilling.

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