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Four ‘Old’ Technologies You Should Still Be Using

New technology is great. Who doesn’t love a new phone, tables and Internet application that allows you to get work done more efficiently (and that allow you to play a game or two on our off-time)? But the truth is that this new technology is only good so far as it allows us to do our job well. In our pursuit of the next cool gadget or technology, we sometimes forget about the basics. We forget about the “old and boring” applications that allow us to do our jobs well. While new technologies can often enhance these experiences, they can never replace them.

In the spirit of remembering the basics, here are a few technologies that often run in the background and that you might consider upgrading, or that you might have stopped using altogether. You might find more benefits than you expected in using or upgrading them.

Database Monitoring Software

From a business standpoint this is probably one of the most important technologies you own, but when was the last time you even thought about upgrading it? Today’s database performance monitoring software tracks and records information better than older versions. In fact, you might even find that your current monitoring software doesn’t gather all the information you need to keep the database running smoothly and efficiently.

Internet Browser

Have you ever considered why you use the browser that you do? A lot of people have, but far more people have never given it a second thought. They simply use the browser that is native to their operating system (especially if they’re running a Windows OS). You use it on a daily basis; does it provide the best benefits? Take the time to do a little research and know which one is best for your activities. The most popular are:

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Internet Explorer
  • Safari

As a quick example, I use Chrome most of the time. It allows me to search and run the apps and extension I like the best. However, I use Firefox most the time if I’m running extended video. It just seems to run better.

Data Storage (USB drive)

Cloud storage is great. Not only can it automatically sync your data but you can access it from anywhere with a connection. Therein lies the problem: What if you don’t have a connection? If you no longer carry a USB drive you might reconsider. What would you do if you needed a document, say for a meeting, but couldn’t get it because the Internet or cloud service was acting up? With a thumb drive you can simply plug and play.

Document Scanner

Some people and businesses still have these around; others don’t. It’s true that most documents have gone digital, but that still leaves thousands of documents (both in your home and workplace) that aren’t sent digitally. Sure you can take a picture and scan to digital with a smartphone, but the result is neither easy nor high quality. A scanner (or scanner/printer/copier) is relatively inexpensive and lets you save these documents in virtual space.


Sometimes, in the excitement of advancing technology, we forget our purpose. We forget that technology is there, at its core, to help us accomplish stuff more easily and quickly. So don’t bypass these technologies because they’re not “sexy” or “fun.” Take time to evaluate if they really can help you, or if you need to upgrade to a slightly newer version. You might find that one day (soon) you’re happy you did.

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Vanessa James is a business technology consultant and blogger. She enjoys reading about new technologies, especially while listening to The Rat Pack. She currently writes for Oracle performance monitoring software provider

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