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For the Love of (e)-Books

The iPad has truly become the must-have gadget for this generation. More often than not, its usefulness really depends on how the owner utilizes it for their enjoyment. There are those who use this primarily for entertainment. There are those who prefer to use this to watch movies and their favorite TV series as compared to using their TV or laptop. There are those who utilize it for gaming with the many game applications that can be downloaded. There are also people who use it for their reading pleasure much like with dedicated e-books. The many applications that you can download has made this all possible.


Electronic books have become more than a fad after its introduction. Before, you would have to lug around a really heavy and thick hardbound book if you don’t want to stop in the middle of the story, now you just have to bring around this thin and lightweight device with you if you want to do so. Imagine, you can store as many as a thousand books in this single device that is so mobile and convenient to bring anywhere. You can have your reading fiction fix anywhere you are. It is important however to bring along your 3-port USB 3.0 docking station so that you won’t have any problems with the power so that your reading pleasure won’€™t be interrupted.

The experience of reading a book and actually holding the book itself is different from reading via the iPad or tablet PC. Nothing beats the smell of the paper and actually feeling the pages as you browse through the story. However, it is the convenience that you pay for with the reading via tablet PCs. You do not need to break your back lugging around those heavy hard-bound books. The cost of downloading the electronic copies can be cheaper in some cases compared to buying the actual book. Also, you do not need to get out of the house just to buy the next best seller because all you need is your credit card and account from the online bookstore and you are off to your fantasy world.

There are a lot of applications that you can choose from when you finally decide to jump on the bandwagon and join the many others who have started to read via their iPads plugged into the iPad charging station. There is Amazon Kindle, Kobo, and Barne’s and Noble’€™s The Nook. All of these have connections to the online store where you can purchase your next book. The nice thing about going electronic is that you can adjust the brightness and even the font type and size to suit to your reading ability. This way, your eyes won’€™t get stressed while you are getting more and more engrossed in the story.

E-books is certainly starting to eat up the market share of actual book sales. It is not hard to love this as this is easy to learn and appreciate.

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Heather Brigs is a freelance writer who loves Fashion and Technology. She writes technology articles for, a site where you can buy thunderbolt cable for Mac, lightning usb cable, usb 3.0 docking station and 4-port ipad charging station for affordable prices.

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1 Comment

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