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How to Fix Partition Related Errors in Windows 7

Partition related errors are very common if you are using Windows 7. Dealing with such errors requires time and expertise. These errors can make the system inaccessible or any particular partition carrying loads of useful files and folders.


The good news is, you can address most common partition related errors using partition manager software. These programs have intuitive interface and useful functions to help you deal with major errors efficiently. Last but not least, you can use recovery programs if nothing works out as it’ll help you deeply scan the complete drive and detect damaged, lost or deleted hard drive partitions.

Recommended steps before proceeding further:

In order to avoid from being caught by crucial disk problems, keep your system up to date and maintain healthy backup copy of useful data. Also, routinely check the health status of your hard drive and pay attention to any serious error reported by tools.

Even after following all the precautionary steps, hard drive partition issues may occur on Windows. Don’t worry and use Microsoft’s incorporated disk check utility that can perform error check on any failing drive and tries fixing it if possible. The utility is helpful in addressing list of disk related problems like boot sector corruption, bad sectors on the drives, file system corruption etc.

If you want to fix the disk related errors on your Windows 7 OS, the Check Disk utility works great.

Follow the steps below to run chkdsk operation:

  • Start system using admin credentials
  • Open ‘My Computer’ where all the currently installed partitions will be highlighted
  • Select your drive (that is to be scanned for errors), right click on it and choose properties
  • Under drive properties > tools, click on ‘error checking’. Using the Error check command you can run the disc error checking wizard and fix the disk errors/issues. Click check now to begin the error checking process
  • After pressing check now, the disk error checking wizard will open.
  • The check disk window will give two disk scanning options to you – “Automatically fix file system errors” & “Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors”.
  • Using the first option “Automatically fix file system errors”, the Windows tool will perform an automatic repair after finding error during the scan. You can uncheck the given option, if you just want to gather information about problems in disk but not want to fix them.
  • Using the second option “Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors”: First the utility will scan for the damaged boot sector or corrupt system files and then fix them. This scan performs advanced and deeper scan of the disk to diagnose the errors more efficiently. Though its more time consuming, there are chances of identifying all the disk related problems and fix them
  • Choose any of your desired options and press Start.
  • After pressing start, the scanning process will begin. In the scan result, you could see the Brief information about disk status such as like partition space, files used by the system, free space on disk, bad sectors on the disk etc. If you want to view more detailed disk information, click the See details arrow.
  • Click Close to close the scan report.


You can also choose to schedule disk check and Force disk dismounts, if required. After selecting the disk partition, you will get an option to schedule disk check process. Schedule the time to perform disk check such as on next startup. It might be possible that various running processes are using the files on disk. In such case, you cannot un-mount the disk to perform check disk operations. Click Schedule disk check or cancel the scan. If you choose to schedule the disk check, After OS restart, the scan will automatically begin at the scheduled interval. You can also cancel the scan operation by pressing any key within 10 seconds after system restart. After the scan completion, you could see the report containing the disk information about partition space, free space, bad sectors etc.

If you wish to scan a partition but not able to dismount the disk, Select the option to “Force a dismount”. After this, the selected disk partition will be dismounted and thus scan can be performed.

When the scanning is completed, Windows 7 will automatically mount that partition again so that it is available again


Check Disk can save the day when problems appear with your hard disk(s) or any other type of storage media. For example, if a power outage takes place, your computer stops and this can cause file corruption. You can also make use of partition recovery tools to completely recover the lost or corrupt partitions that is no longer accessible or visible under ‘My Computer’.

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