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Cloud Load Balancing Solutions In India

Cloud load balancing refers to distribution of workloads across multiple servers and computing resources that are running in a cloud environment. It helps you maximise your workload performance and help prevent overload for a seamless and uninterrupted business performance.


An established provider of cloud load balancer in India can give users a seamless IT experience by preventing overload. This is important as rapid or sudden spike in online traffic can destabilise even the best managed websites and applications. Even distribution of workload ensures reliability and heightened scalability where users can adjust the resource usage to match it with the given demand at a particular time.

Hardware Load Balancing and Software Load Balancing

Hardware base load balancing solutions rely on hardware that belongs to an organization and are placed in the organization’s data centre. The problem such an approach posses is that a sophisticated team of IT professionals are required to install, manage and maintain the system. This proves to a be a major roadblock as only large organizations with deep resources and expert IT professionals can reap the full benefit that comes with load balancing.

Another serious drawback of hardware based load balancing is that they do not support cloud based load balancing. You will hardly see any provider of  cloud load balancer in India offer to house customer hardware in their environment.

Fortunately for organizations that lack the capability and resources to have their own dedicated data centre managed by expert IT professionals, software based load balancing provides the same level of scalability and reliability as hardware based load balancing though at a much reduced cost. They are also apt for cloud based load balancing as they run in the cloud like any other software application.

Benefits of Cloud Load Balancing

A sudden increase in website traffic may cause your website to crash. This can prove to be extremely detrimental to your business interests as even a brief outage can cause cost you huge amount of revenue loss.

This is where the real benefit of cloud load balancing can be understood. Clouds are scalable and global in character which means that the heavy increase in consumer traffic is easily managed. As such any downgrade in performance is restricted as the applications can grow or shrink in response to the rise or fall of traffic.

Applications are hosted at various cloud hubs spread across multiple locations. This is another major benefit of cloud load balancing as it boosts reliability to a significant extent. For example, if there is an outage in any part of India due to a natural disaster, the cloud load balancer can direct traffic away from the affected resources to the unaffected resources hosted in other parts of the country.

An expert provider of cloud load balancer in India with sophisticated cloud severs can create, configure and manage load balancers based on your site’s traffic pattern for efficient and reliable utilization of resources.

CloudOYE is a quality load balancer provider in India whose state of the art cloud servers and extensive experience in cloud computing can help deploy load balancers to load balance across multiple cloud resources.

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