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Five Common Mobile App Development Mistakes

When it comes to mobile app development, whether it is for the Blackberry market, Windows interface, Apple platform, or android application development market, there are a few tips and tricks of the trade that can define the successful apps from the unsuccessful apps.

With the impacted app market, there are millions of apps competing against each other in order to achieve success. Even with the most creative app idea, if the app is lacking in other departments such as design and functionality, there will not be a huge following behind it.

Avoid making these common mistakes when creating an app in order to sky rocket its popularity.

  1. Do Not Skimp On Visual Design

As one of the most important elements to creating a successful app, design is what visually attracts people to an app. Many developers tend to ignore this area, for they either do not know how to create something aesthetically pleasing, or they do not find it to be as crucial a step as it in fact is. Just like people eat food with their eyes, people spend money with their eyes. A cheap and outdated design will not have as much success as a sleek, vibrant interface.

  1. The App Must Be User Friendly

Even if the apps are packed with unique features, many people will not take the time to understand how it works if it looks and feels complicated. The most successful apps are ones that help make a task more convenient or simplify a process, thus an app that complicates things further will simply drive users away.

  1. Pay Attention To Security Features

Because privacy and personal security is important to the majority of users, be sure to include privacy features in the app. If the app does not offer security, or does not offer the security it claims it does, the app’s reputation will go up in flames. Most people have a zero tolerance policy against anything that leaks their personal, private information.

  1. Test The App Thoroughly

Developing an app requires time and patience. Bugs are commonplace in all software programs. However, they should be removed from the app or program before it is launched into the app store. Be sure to test the app thoroughly. Ask other developers to test it, friends outside of the tech world, and be sure to test it on all web browsers or phone platforms. If there is a bug in the software, not only will users be disappointed, the app will have a hard time recovering from the negative reviews.

  1. Offer A Free Version

Most people are likely to purchase the full version of an app after they have tried a free version. If the free version provides enough of what the app offers as well as an easy to follow tutorial, users are likely to upgrade to the higher version.

Mobile phone owners purchase apps everyday, and if the apps are entertaining, useable, and worth the price, this can turn into a lucrative business.

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