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10 Good Website Examples of Effective Conversion Rate Tactics

Very few websites in the world do things right. Doing things right can be different for each industry. Many websites aren’t revenue focused so doing things right may just be all about getting the most traffic. For the others it’s really all about generating revenue with your website. Generating revenue requires implementing effective conversion rate tactics. Instead of just telling you about the principles I decided to find some impressive examples of websites that do it right. Take a look.


When a person visits, a video immediately begins to play, and within the first few seconds of the film, the speaker talks about the overall results of the company’s software. The marketer also mentions the fact that the business has sold more than 80,000 software programs. When a person attempts to leave the website, the site’s platform activates an advertisement that encourages the user to stay on the page. Video converts traffic into revenue really well, putting a good video on the homepage is a smart move.


At the top of the main web page, visitors will see a form that allows them to instantaneously determine the interest rate of a loan. A short message indicates that the completion of the form will not impact a visitor’s credit score. Once customers have provided basic information, the software prompts users to sign up for the loans that they want. The form is short, and it’s hard to miss, a respectable move.


The designer of this website has added colorful images to the right side of the website, and numerous studies have indicated that a visitor’s eyes tend to drift to the right section of a page when a person first visits a website. On this site, the flashy images contain text that encourages guests to try the broker’s services for free.


Images are powerful conversion tools. This Nu Skin charity does a really good job at selling what their charity does by placing over 9 large images on the homepage. This gives the user an idea without even reading what the charity does. It’s also inspiring for the user and it motivates them to want to share.


The website’s software allows visitors to chat with an expert online, and the experienced trader typically explains the steps that are associated with opening a new account and answers any questions. Furthermore, the webpage contains a detailed list of reasons for which thousands of investors have chosen to trade at


When a guest visits this website, a banner appears at the bottom of the screen, and this advertisement indicates that users could receive a bonus of $1,000. A separate text mentions that more than 129 million trades have been completed by the broker’s clients.


This enterprise places comprehensive reviews of each supplement underneath the main description of the product. When writing testimonials, customers can provide vital information, such as their ages and the amount of time for which they have been using the company’s supplements. Sometimes, the business offers a discount of 10 percent when a customer adds a product to the virtual cart.


As mentioned above video can increase a webpage’s conversion rate. This is another example of a website that uses video really well. The owners of have added a video that encompasses the entire background of the main page of the site.


When visitors opt to sign up for free quotes, the website’s software immediately takes them to a page that provides descriptions of several awards that Geico has received. The web page also contains information about discounts that the business offers.


This website has a calculator that allows visitors to determine the amount of money that they can save per year by utilizing the site’s services. When looking at the left side of the screen, visitors will see a list that contains the names of customers who have already saved money, and the chart indicates the amount of cash that each patron saved.

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About the Author: Rick Delgado is a freelance writer and self-proclaimed nerd who is an expert in technology and software development. He enjoys keeping up with the latest tech innovations and writing about them.

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