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EV SSL Certificates Are Worth Their Wait

Customers are learning the importance of web security and validation in e-Commerce

SSL Certificates go beyond encryption technology for businesses that participate in e-commerce or need encryption on their servers. They validate the website. Different SSL Certificates offer different degrees of validation. EV SSL Certificates require the most stringent website validation. Because of the more stringent requirement, it is impossible to issue these certificates in minutes (as can be done for just a Domain Validation Certificate), but with an EV SSL Certificate a business gets the green address bar (which indicates the thorough validation of the company) and which customers are growing more aware of every day.


TechNavio is one of the leading companies which researches and advises on the emerging technology trends in the market. TechNavio’s analysts forecast the Global Extended Validation SSL Certification market to grow at a CAGR of 49.99% over the period of 2011-2015. One of the key factors of the requirement is because of the increasing number of online transactions that are occurring.


Before now, utilizing the green address bar provided by EV SSL Certificates might not have shown a great boost of confidence by customers who did not learn about or understand the significance of the green address bar. However, customers are now being educated about the importance of thorough validation by both the SSL companies providing it and by recognizing it in most of their banking and other important online transactions.

EV SSL Certificates Offer Web Security at a Glance

Customers are learning about web security from the breaches of security that the media reports on. As customers lives are filled more with online transactions and communications they become more educated on the matter by default. They may have had one of their social networks hacked because of a phishing scheme or they have at least had a friend that has been affected by such an attack. They have been informed by these social networks to not give their information to false parties.

These examples lead the customers toward an education of the importance of encrypted data transfer and validation of the sites that they use. While each customer might not be able to articulate what EV SSL Certificates involve such as 256 bit strong encryption strength, they do realize if they are comfortable with the website that they are looking at and whether it promotes confidence and web security at a glance.

EV SSL Certificates Require Stringent Validation

It is not possible to get the green address bar without acquiring an EV SSL Certificate. In order to be granted an EV SSL Certificate a company must pass certain background checks to insure integrity. These background and validation procedures include:

1. Establishing legal identity and operational/physical presence of website owner.

This offers a more secure validation process than a Domain Validated Certificate because it requires a physical presence, as opposed to checking only if the domain name is validated.

2. Establish that the applicant is the domain name owner AND validation of representatives.

The heightened validation requires more than simple Domain Validation, it requires validation of representatives. This helps protect customers from phishing threats and results in preserving customer loyalty for a website.

3. Confirm identity of website representatives, authorizations granted, and that organization is not on any government blacklist.

This protects customers from other potential sources of fraud. This verifies that the organization is legally registered and active also.

The Impact of EV SSL Certificates on Increased Revenue

Each business can track their conversion and identify the impact that an EV SSL Certificate will have in creating added security for their customers. Obviously, as the awareness and demand for heightened validation grows, the customers will consider the advantages of doing their business with a company that provides this level of integrity.

For smaller and medium-sized eCommerce businesses which new customers are coming across, it will certainly help to gain the trust that other larger business have already established. Many of the larger businesses also employ the EV SSL Certificate and as a result, the standard is being created.


Ecommerce site owners, web masters, and IT professionals should consider the trends of web security in order to keep the website that they work for current and relevant.

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Jim Armstrong is SSL Security Specialist at a Platinum Certificate Authority. is one of the most inexpensive SSL Certificate Providers in the world. You can reach him on , Twitter and Facebook.

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