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Environmental Factors that Influence Early Math

You might be unaware of it, but environmental and social factors influence your child’s educational background. Your child’s early literacy skills are one of the most important things you should focus on in the early years.

Some skills that your child should show to indicate their readiness for school include; attention regulations, control, delay of gratification, self-control and motivation. These skills are essential to prove your child’s readiness for school and socialization.

If you home school your child and build their early literacy, there are higher chances that your child will perform better in school. This is an obvious indication that parents and caregivers should focus on those few years from when a child is born, to when a child attains the age where they begin formal schooling.

When children are not exposed to learning opportunities or an environment that properly fosters their capacity to learn, it might affect how they cope in a school environment, and how well they grasp new things.

Number Competence

Your child will develop basic numerical abilities if you introduce them to numbers through formal or informal contact. There are many ways that you can introduce your children to numbers at an early age. Printable preschool math worksheets, oral recitations, and number games are fun ways to show your child basic arithmetic. Some studies have even shown that the mathematical skills your child acquires in their early years will greatly affect how they fare with mathematics in the future.

Early Literacy

Other factors such as your child’s vocabulary and oral skills are essential to your child’s future mathematics performance. Also, your child’s ability to relate letter names with their sounds and read printed words are essential for their mathematical development.

Just like your child will benefit from being introduced to numbers at a young age, reading and teaching your child to read at a young age will also be beneficial to them.

Family Influence on Child Education

A child’s family background will influence many aspects of their life, including their education and learning possibilities.

Socio-economic status

The socio-economic status of a child is well associated with their learning possibilities. Children born to parents of greater wealth or higher education are more likely to receive more quality education than children born in less privileged homes, with illiterate parents.


From an early age, children tend to gravitate towards games and learning activities that tally more with their gender. While it could be argued that society might have a role to play in this, boys are more likely to choose games and activities that build or test their motor skills, while girls focus more on verbal activities. These preferences have been said to have a significant impact on how children develop different skills for future learning.

Parental Influence

Children get their very first knowledge from the home. Parents’ expectations, attitudes and behaviors will heavily influence how and what their children learn early on. Parents need to stimulate their child’s eagerness to learn from an early age. Sensible parents will introduce their children to fun learning activities and programs to keep them busy. Also, verbal interactions between parents and child will enhance their learning outcomes over the years, as well as positively affect their social skills.

Kids are a product of society, and their education is a major factor that is influenced by environmental factors. It is important to expose your children to proper literacy skills from the early years, even before they begin school.

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