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Ensuring Success in Your Website Revamping Project

The industry changes dynamically. To be specific, it is becoming more digitized and user centric. To cater for the different moods of the audience and tackle the cut throat competition, it is important that the organizations adopt changes. One of such change can be redesigning the website. Website revamping is not an easy task. It must be strategic and well planned to ensure smooth transition, expectation meeting and complete success. This article will furnish you with the standard guidelines to be followed to ensure lower TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) and higher ROI (Return over Investment).

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1. Make Research of Current Stats Using Analytics

Before jumping into the design and development stage, it is important to define the strong and weak parts of the current website. You need to identify, which Webpages are performing well and which have the high bounce rate. There are many values need to be observed to extract the data to aid the decision. To get these statistics, you may use any analytic tool. The most widely used and reliable one is the Google Analytics. This data will be helpful to find out which pages, areas or portions of the site need high attention and complete revamping. You may also define that which page is doing really well so it should leave untouched to leverage the benefits even with the new website.

2. Define the Budget

The website revamping is not a one day job. It takes a considerable amount of time, money and efforts as well as the important resources. It is fine if you don’t cover everything in the first time. You may segment the revamping task based on the priorities. Thus, it is very much important to decide on the total budget to be spent before the actual commencement.

3. Choose Right Company

There are thousands of web designs and Development Company’s open daily. Some are large and small corporate agencies. How do you choose a good one for you? The answer is check company reviews, clients, projects they have done far etc…

4. Set Priorities

Based on the budget, you may define, what changes need to be made, what can be done later on, which resources should be allocated for development or to manage the coordination in case website revamping task is outsourced.

5. Define the CMS to Be Used

If your website is content specific or you might need frequent changes in the website then going for CMS (Content Management System) would be the best idea. There are many good Website development companies which provides web development in difference CMS available in the market such as Joomla, Drupal, WordPress development, etc. It is better to decide the best suited CMS for your business needs by consulting the development team.

Check this Tips to creating masterpiece website for your business

6. Keep SEO in Mind

The SEO is one of the must have factor of any website development process. It is more crucial when you are revamping the website as chances are high for creating broken links, removing high performing keywords, etc. Thus, you must either have an in-house SEO expert or outsource it to the expert. Do not go for cheap options rather focus on the quality services. The SEO will shape the future of incoming visitor flow, lead generation, ROI, etc. by practicing important activities.

These were the top 5 tips to be kept in mind to ensure the success for your website revamping project.

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