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Enhancing Technological Brevity Of Internet Security

Secure certificates changing hands with wrongful owners. HTTPS protocols failing ecommerce providers. All over national news, internet security faultiness acquiesces with hackers at alarming rate and prevalence, making secondary shopping websites feared by consumers and chats seem less tempting than years past. Google, Yahoo and many other ginormous internet firms find themselves scrambling for answers, program overhauls along with enough written virility to cover any concerns while customers scramble for their personal information safety.  Technological changes need made, quickly, before privacy policies get scrapped and websites disappear.  Here’re some suggestions one should adopt soon.

VPS Websites

Many websites have chopped their website hosting spends simply by jumping aboard shared hosting environments without much care which other domains share their non-dedicated IP’s. Should your honest gadget blog, for example, have similar IP parameters as some warez site, you’ll inevitably fall victim to whatever punishments the bad guys are given.  Virtual private servers at least cut out any shared domains and allow yourself dedicated server space where only your site will reside.  Granted the environment is still somewhat shared, the IP’s will originate from one centralized source.

Put Virtual Security Guard On Team

Adding trained security personnel to your business tools armada would prove advantageous.  Recently rolled out by Mile2®, an online Department of Defense-approved educational course consisting of numerous modules preparing individuals for C)ISSO certification, has become internet business proprietors go-to source when seeking advanced training based off military-grade internet lockdown tactics.  Between Canada and U.S. Defense Departments utilizing their own efforts, numerous businesses now receive solace from potential firewall breaching simply by enrolling in Mile2® courses which are available based off normal class-like scheduling.

Needing that virtual armed guard standing aside your website’s front door and backend making sure nobody is threating the veracity of databases or ecommerce transaction activity? Educate your programmers or security specialist to handle heightened threats – especially when those threats are now heading towards mobile applications and smartphones.  Holding the highly prestigious C)ISSO certification would prove you’re serious about keeping customers safe.

Host With Secure Companies

As GoDaddy proved over summertime months in 2012, flashy women and peppy advertisements don’t keep hosting companies safe from being hacked.  One gentleman exposed enough GoDaddy security loopholes to dump over 1 million websites on their heads for several days.  Hosting ecommerce or technologically informative websites with companies which aren’t main stream have heightened server security which many wouldn’t believe yet would prove prudential when ameliorating internet threats. Although GoDaddy proclaims they’ve fixed their backend issues and have elevated their servers so future obstructions won’t occur, paying slightly more for safeguarded information and histories of zero intrusions would make better business sense – these companies do exist and are readily searchable.

Brevity Starts With Knowledge

You’ll constantly read how security is being compromised across the nation, yet nothing plausible is being enacted technologically which would benefit businesses and keep their websites more secure.  Customers will quit shopping mediocrely locked down ecommerce sites unless businesses have updated their company’s security protocol or hired trained security personnel certified for C)ISSO standards to oversee the amplification of internet security programming and monitoring.  Costs may seem unreasonable for anyone to bear the burden of; considering businesses stand to lose more financially by foregoing their duty to keep consumers safe, investing in education, equipment and heightened hosting services doesn’t seem that bad.

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Posted by Greg Henderson, an Internet Marketer and SEO Associate for a cell phone lookup site, and an find an email address site

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. santosh Kumar

    June 11, 2013 at 11:30 am

    Great blog greg, beautiful describe the internet security system. it is really impressive.

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