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Enhance User Experience: Decrease Page Load Time with PHP7

Every business aims to improve how their website’s user experience and page load time directly impacts user experience. It is a known fact that contemporary web users wait only 2-3 seconds for a site to load before abandoning it. in addition, it is very important to optimize your site speed to reduce bounce rate, increase traffic and prevent negative customer reviews. Therefore, many businesses depend on PHP to power their website and render high performance.

To keep up with the needs of businesses PHP keeps upgrading its versions, libraries, frameworks, etc. constantly. Let us find out how PHP7 – the latest version of PHP helps in decreasing the page load times:

Stronger execution engine

The execution engine that has been powering PHP since 1999 – Zend is improved with just-in-time execution capabilities which facilitate the dynamic compilation of Zend opcodes into machine language. As a result, the new Zend engine gives a significant performance boost to the PHP language and hence comes with the name PHP#NG which stands for PHP next generation.

Optimizes memory usage

The latest version of PHP comes with the abstract syntax tree implementation that reduces memory usage leading to increasing in performance. This makes PHP7 to efficiently handle and process requests consuming just half the memory. As a result, the small machines are powered to better handle the request along with the micro services development.

Improved data structure

In PHP7 quite a lot of improvements are made in the data structure which resulted in a reduction in memory consumption and made a huge impact on the site performance. For instance, to make the process of bugs finding and fixing easy, object-oriented exceptions are introduced instead of obsolete error handling. Code writing is made simple and enjoyable with new syntax features and upgraded generators execute and the return error-free output after iteration.

Opcode caching

The built-in opcode caching in the PHP7 enables efficient utilization of the memory and consequently improve the performance. It uses virtual machines to execute machine codes per opcode and every time a request is made PHP performs faster parsing as opcode cache saves the compiled code in the memory.

If you want to reap the immense benefits of PHP7 for your website and dream to give enhanced experience and service to your customers then get your website powered by PHP7 with the professional help of a PHP Developer.

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