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Enable Users Trust and Confidence over the website with EV Green Address Bar SSL

Extended Validation (EV) SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) from True BusinessID is an encryption protocol that ensures that traffic, both to and from your website, is secure from prying eyes and hackers. The True BusinessID EV SSL assures the customer that your website payment options and other sensitive information are protected.

Extended Validation is a process that involves a certificate authority (CA) who is authorized to verify that your business exists as a legal entity. This is accomplished by an investigation authenticating the validity of the business and its owners, determining that the domain name belongs to the business or is used with authorization from the owner and that the business has an address that is registered either with the government or with another recognized entity. In addition, the CA must independently contact the business through a verified phone number or on-site visit.


Certificate authorities like True BusinessID are regulated. They must undergo an annual security audit and abide by the laws of their jurisdiction. Only a small number of companies are authorized to provide EV SSL Certificates.

After all this is accomplished, True BusinessID EV, who is the CA in this scenario, issues an SSL EV Certificate. This assures any visitor to the website that your business is legitimate and that information sent through the internet from your site is secure.

With only a Secure SSL Certificate, the only indication to the end user that a website is secure is the beginning of the web address (https://) and a small lock icon in the browser. With an EV SSL Certificate, users see a green browser address bar that indicates a secure connection.

EV SSL Certificates are the highest level of security offered to consumers who make purchases or send other sensitive information through the internet. The strict requirements for acquiring this type of certificate are a sign to the customer that your site is a trustworthy business that guards their financial and personal information.

Quick View of True BusinessID with EV features:

  • The power of green address bar with extended validation of organization.
  • The highest and the toughest level of encryption up to 256 bit.
  • Secure unlimited www and non www using single server certificate.
  • 99.99% the latest web browsers compatibility.
  • Complete single fully qualified domain name (FQDN Domain).
  • Includes dynamic GeoTrust site seal with marker of company name and date/time.
  • Issuance speed within 4 to 5 days.
  • Unlimited serve license (no any additional cost).
  • Compatible with the latest smart mobile phones.
  • Complete Domain and Organization Validation.

Web Browsers Compatibility of True BusinessID EV SSL:

  • Firefox 1+, 2+, 3+
  • IE 5+, 6+, 7+, 8+
  • Netscape 4+
  • Opera 7+
  • AOL 5+
  • Safari

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Jim Armstrong is SSL Security Specialist at a Platinum Certificate Authority. is one of the most inexpensive SSL Certificate Providers in the world. You can reach him on , Twitter and Facebook.

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