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Efficient Ways to Improve Your Writing Skills

Do you participate in any sport in your school or do you know someone who does? How do they feel when going for a competition? What do they do to ensure that they proceed to the next level? How do they feel when they lose or win a game? When going to competitions, does anyone want to be on the losing side? In a sports competition, every team strives to do their best to get to the finals and win the whole thing. They practice continuously to ensure they do not repeat the previous mistakes. Hey also compete amongst themselves to note whether they will repeat their usual mistakes or not. All teams have a major objective, to win the whole competition.

Correspondingly, as a student in college, you may strive to write better essays to help boost your grades. Essay writing as a mandatory task in college necessitates that every student is equipped with the proficient or professional essay writing skills. This is because they can be given an essay to write and thus they need to be fully prepared. While it poses a challenge to some students, others tend to grow and develop at a steady rate. Professors expect students to have known the basic features and elements of an essay. Students often strive to do their best so that when it comes to exams, they are fully prepared. No student wants to leave college with poor grades. Therefore, it is essential that you aim at perfecting the art of essay writing.

Importance of improving your writing skills

Improving your writing skills enables you to grow and develop as a writer. Through continuous practice, you can learn how to handle different articles. Additionally, you can offer assistance to students who still perceive essay writing as a hectic task. Improving your writing skills also helps you to write better articles which help in boosting your grades thus allowing you to perform well in your academics. It also enables your professors to recognize your efforts and determination hence advice other students to follow in your footsteps to success.

How to improve your writing skills

Your writing skills determine the outcome of your overall performance. When you are a good writer, you will get good grades, but when you are not, you will get the opposite. There are various ways in which you can improve your writing skills thus help you get good grades. Below are some important tips to improve your writing skills from

  • Join a workshop. A workshop, according to, is “a meeting at which a group of people engage in intensive discussion and activity on a particular subject or project.” Joining a workshop helps to improve your writing skills. You get together with other students, discuss and share ideas on how to become a perfect essay writer. Through sharing information and exchanging thoughts and ideas, you get to learn something new which you can use in writing your articles. You also get to know how to use specific tools to when writing your article to ensure it is of top quality. Workshops also help you have people to consult with whenever you encounter any essay writing problem or issue.
  • Edit your work ruthlessly. Editing is among the most significant parts of essay writing. After having written your essay, you need to go through it. Proofreading your paper enables you to correct the mistakes you have included in your article. Additionally, it helps you note whether your essay corresponds to the topic or not. Going through your work once is not enough. After having corrected the mistakes, you need to go through it again. You might bump into some errors which you had not corrected before. You can also read your paper out loud to a friend. This will also help you know whether there are some other mistakes as you will be keenly listening. You can also use online writing tools to edit your paper. These tools help to spot grammatical, spelling and punctuation errors which you may not see as mistakes. They will also help you know whether your paper has plagiarized content.
  • Eliminate filler words and phrases. When writing your essay, it is fundamental that you ensure your article is simple, clear and precise. Including too much information which does not relate to the topic makes it irrelevant. Using too many words and phrases, for instance, a using sixty-word sentence to talk about what can be said in twenty words makes you lose points. Your audience may find it hard to continue reading your paper since they will be unable to understand anything. Filler words and phrases make your article to lose meaning easily. To improve your writing skills, it is crucial that you eliminate them. To write the perfect essay, you need to have the right choice of words which are simple, clear and precise.
  • Find inspiration by studying the writers you admire. We all have that one thing which drives us to do something. In writing, you may be inspired by a blogger, a poet or an author. How they convey their message makes you want to read more of their articles. You may also be interested in knowing how they get their information together and bring it out in the format which captures your attention. To improve your writing skills, you can find inspiration by studying these authors. You can study the technique they use to convey their message and hence apply it. It will help you communicate your information in a more effective manner which eventually gets to attract your readers.
  • Use a wide vocabulary. When writing your article, you need to avoid using words and phrases you are used to. This is because they easily lose the impact the once had. They are also too general most of the time hence the audience may not be impressed by your paper. When writing your article, you need to use a wide vocabulary. There is a variety of words you can choose from. You can use synonyms which helps make your article more appealing and interesting to read. Moreover, using new vocabulary in your paper, makes your audience want to read more of it as they get interested in learning something new.
  • Keep your audience in mind. When writing your article, you need to bear in mind who will be reading your article. This will help you ensure that you stick to the topic, logically present your ideas and thoughts and deliver quality work. Having your audience in mind also helps you to ensure you aim at enlightening them of something new or motivate them about something.

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  1. Iain

    May 7, 2018 at 1:04 pm

    Read books all the time, when you many things in mind you can write many things in different perspective..

  2. Shabir

    June 2, 2018 at 9:45 pm

    Read more and write more. Practice makes many things easier that seems difficult in the beginning.
    Thanks for the valuable tips.

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