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Effective Tips for Hiring a NodeJS Developer

Since its launch, Node JS development has been successfully gaining popularity in the market. Most developers find it perfect and effective for building real-time, multi-user, speedy web applications. This popular cross-platform developed using JavaScript helps to devise networking tools as well as web servers.

Node JS can be an excellent option for you. But to get the best result from this platform, you will have to hire node js developer having extensive experience about Node JS.  It is not easy to choose a perfect Node JS developer, and while hiring someone, you have to keep some important factors in your mind.

What makes the program so popular?

Best for real-time applications

Need a platform for developing real-time gaming apps or live chat applications? To develop such real-time applications, Node JS is the perfect option. It works on both event-based server and non-blocking driven servers.

Fast and smooth

A few months ago, Google introduced the V8 engine. It comes with superfast running speed and Node JS works on it. That’s why this platform works fast. Just focus on writing correct code, and the platform will carry out the work quickly.

Proxy server-based services

If the server-based web application communicates with different third-party resources, this platform will act as a proxy server if the enterprise does not have the professional proxy infrastructure.

Smooth data streaming

Node JS enables developers to access files while uploading it smoothly. This feature is really helpful when working with real-time video or audio encoding.  It will not affect the work. Nothing can beat the efficiency level of this platform when it comes to data streaming from diverse sources.

Some important tips to hire Node JS developer

1. Understand your requirements

Be clear in describing your vision of the web application that you want to develop. By this, you can make a list of your requirements and will narrow down your search for those Node JS developers who have sufficient skills. A Node JS developer must have the following skills:

  • Knowledge about Agile and Scrum methodology.
  • Must have an idea about continues integration and review the codes.
  • Knowledge about writing unit and integration valuation.
  • Experience in writing different codes, Git and GitHub.

Besides all these knowledge, make sure that the developer has sufficient knowledge about JavaScript, CSS, HTML and other languages. Check all these skills and then hire node js developer.

2. Look out for a perfect solution

After understanding your requirement and budget, now it’s time to choose the developer who will be worth the money. You can choose an in-house employee, a freelancer or can hire a Node JS development firm. All these options have some pros and cons. The benefits also will vary. But if you hire node js developer from a web application development company, you will get your work done within the deadline.

3. Remember to check the developer’s previous project

Ask them if they have worked on the similar project before. If they have not, then visit their site and check out their previous projects and feedbacks of clients. Besides, to get some more idea about the developer, you can ask them to show the written recommendation if they have any.

4. Take interviews before hiring them

This could be very challenging if you don’t have any knowledge about Node.js. Platform. However, you can take help of an expert who can take an interview of the developer. Next thing that you can do is assign the developer a pair of node.js. Programming task.

5. Examine their technical skills

For this, give them some projects or mini-task and tell the developer about your requirement. It will show their ability to work under the deadline and work quality. Besides technical ability the developer must have the following other abilities:

  • High communication skills.
  • Instant problem-solving ability to solve the issues as soon as possible.
  • Interest to develop skills.

Node JS development is now so popular among the developers across the world that the market is full of handful options of such frameworks using which you can smoothly build the web applications. However, remember that it will be not easy to hire node js developer as you might expect. Just take those factors into consideration to come up with a better decision.

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