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E-learning Mobile App Development: Top Mobile Apps That Have Transformed Learning

Several years ago, it was challenging for students to grab the education and stay up to date with the learning techniques and concepts. The introduction of eLearning apps has turned up the game. With the eLearning mobile app at your fingertips, students and users of any age group can sharpen their learning skills.

One of the amazing things that turn up the demand for eLearning apps is that it is more affordable than traditional education.

According to the reports, the eLearning market is growing rapidly and is expected to surpass $300 billion by 2025. The eLearning app fills every gap, from exploring professional courses to staying ahead of academic learning.

With eLearning, you can study at your own pace. Developing eLearning apps is the best way to maximize your potential in the eLearning sector. Choose a mobile app development company in Kuwait that offers your business top-notch eLearning solutions.

Keep reading the article to explore some market-leading eLearning apps that have transformed the approach toward education.

eLearning Apps: Market Insights in 2023 and Beyond

Here are some astonishing eLearning Mobile app statistics that are sure to blow your mind:

  • Over 57 million people are expected to use online learning platforms by 2027
  • Students can gain up to 60% more information with e-learning.
  • With every money you spend on eLearning, you can enhance productivity to another level.
  • Most Fortune 500 companies use iOS and Android application development services for eLearning apps.

Top eLearning Mobile App Dominating Education Sector

Though there is a long list of eLearning mobile apps in the market, it is challenging to choose the right one. Here is the list of top-performing eLearning mobile apps that have redefined learning and have given a lot to the market.


As an online learning community and marketplace, Skillshare covers various subjects and hosts classes about everything from arts and crafts to business. The organization strives to make education more accessible to everyone. Students watch videos during the course and create coursework using their newly gained knowledge.

Alison: Online Courses

Alison offers a free Diploma and Certificate program. Dedicated to making education accessible to all, Alison continues adding new courses to its free online courses every month to ensure everyone can complete their educational objectives.

It currently serves more than 20 million students, more than 3 million of whom have completed courses on the website. Over 150,000 students join each month to utilize the website’s free educational resources.


A very popular app for students, Udemy is known for its massive library of educational videos on every possible subject. It is widely regarded as among the best and most popular educational apps today.

Among the courses available at Udemy are technology, business, yoga, and self-improvement. As a self-paced learning platform, Udemy provides recorded lectures for its users.

If you need help with the course, contact the course professors or other students on the forums.


Duolingo is a popular educational app based on a video game designed for online learning. The platform offers a range of languages that students at all levels and ages can study.

To learn a new language, you can visit their website or download their app to start learning a new language for free. Students may install the application on their devices, making it extremely accessible.

Students given this level of control feel more ownership over the game and can customize their avatars.


One of the most popular educational applications for students is Photomath. It is no secret that math is a mystery to many students, and if the formulas or the concept is overly complicated, it may be difficult for the student to comprehend.

With Photomath, anyone can learn to solve even the most difficult mathematical problems quickly and easily, without special skills, by presenting them with the necessary resources.

If you are stuck with any of the questions, you need to click the picture of the question and post it in the app. Next, the app will prevent you with a video tutorial to guide you on how to solve the questions.

Khan Academy

When compiling the list of eLearning apps, Khan Academy deserves to be on the list. It covers a wide range of subjects catering to the educational requirement of every student.

Established to spread education, the institute emphasizes putting the learner at the center of its activities.

With the widespread availability of the internet, this educational app enables people worldwide to access high-quality education from anywhere.

In most other learning libraries, courses are presented in the form of video lectures; that is, recordings of drawings are displayed on an electronic blackboard as though a professor is giving a lecture.


Every student dreams of pursuing higher studies at prestigious universities like Harvard and Stanford. Despite its growing popularity, the high price and traveling concerns have kept students from enrolling in such large institutions.

But do not worry, as edX allows you to earn a degree from the finest university at your fingertips.

EdX offers classes in computer science, linguistics, business, engineering, and other fields. There is also the possibility that some edX courses could also count toward the degree requirements.

Google Classroom

With Google Classroom, educators can access a single location to distribute and collect students’ work, grade it, and provide feedback. It was developed to facilitate the transition to paperless classrooms and provide more classrooms with access to the digital classroom.

The application was originally designed to facilitate the sharing of class materials and assignments between teachers and students through computers in the classroom.

Google Classroom’s popularity has exploded as educators and schools embrace paperless classrooms.


These were some of the cutting-edge eLearning apps that have worked as a backbone for students in catering to all their learning needs. Though the demand started to accelerate during the pandemic, it has taken a driver’s seat and continues to grow faster.

If you also own educational institutions, it’s time to invest in eLearning app development and make the most of it.

If you invest in a reputable app development agency, you don’t have to worry about losing money. A reputable app development agency always puts its customers first and brings out the best in them.

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