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Drupal Ecosystem: E-Commerce and Third-Party API Integration Options You Can Choose From

One of the most significant drivers of Drupal’s popularity in the business world is the fact that it is highly conducive to integrations with a variety of other critical tools. And this ability, in turn, has afforded companies the ability to put together a robust foundation for their enterprise-wide systems. Its high-quality capabilities that enable companies to leverage a variety of third-party offerings in combination with their Drupal-based systems have allowed them to tend to a large number of their distinctive and sophisticated requirements without a fuss.

Furthermore, Drupal offers a highly modular architecture that performs equally well when it comes to scaling operations. Such agile abilities provided by Drupal are underpinned by a strong base comprising its comprehensive library API as well as its sturdy Services layer. Let’s put all of these factors together, and it becomes easy to see why it is so sought-after in the market.

So, if you, too, are planning to put Drupal’s abilities to use for your e-commerce venture, here are some integration recommendations that will serve you and your endeavor well.

1. E-commerce integration options:

Magento: This combination can be used to power websites that deliver not only quality content-driven experiences, but also ones that are highly personalized in accordance to customers’ preferences and requirements.

Ubercart: Powered by a variety of modules, this open-source e-commerce offering is just the thing you need if you intend to operate not one, but multiple stores and that too across the globe.

Drupal Commerce: This solution is ideally suited for stores that are easy to set up and desire more streamlined management of operations. In case you are aiming for a niche market, Drupal Commerce’s features and modules will come in quite handy.

2. Third-party API

Customer service: There is an abundance of CRM and customer service offerings in the market, and Drupal integrates with most of them. Now, about why you need this particular integration: It will allow you to ensure the delivery of a seamless experience to your target audience, including facets such as login, browsing, ordering, and more. Such integrations can also be leveraged to execute tasks such as display forms and then use the data entered to gather relevant data, store it in the CRM, and then use it further to deliver better experiences with the Drupal website. Some of the most popular customer service integrations include names such as Salesforce, ZenDesk, Janrain, and more.

Inventory: It is no secret that inventory management is a vital part of any e-commerce venture’s strategy — at least ones that intend to have smooth operations and top-notch customer experience. Some of the top recommendations include Oracle Integration, Stitch Labs API, and more. There is also the Commerce Brightpearl API, which, when integrated with Drupal, allows you to take care of critical retail-related tasks, such as order management, customer data management, and more besides just inventory management.

Payment gateway: Now, we don’t have to tell you why this particular integration is essential — after all, a bad payment experience can cause you to lose customers quicker than you can blink your eyes. So, pay careful attention in this regard. And you can consider Commerce PayPal, Commerce Amazon Pay, Commerce Cashpresso, Commerce PayTM, and so many other names!

Drupal is decidedly one of the most popular options in the digital world, especially the e-commerce industry. And this is not without reason — Drupal is agile and enables a whole world of third-party integrations, thus facilitating the delivery of high-quality customer experiences. So, if you want to take your site up a notch, get in touch with a trusted Drupal development company right away.

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