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Don’t Rush through Website Redesign Process

Having a website is a very obvious thing for all businesses. After some time you might feel the urge to change the design and look of your website. In fact website redesign project can be a good opportunity for you to look at the all aspects of your online presence. You can achieve a lot more with a redesign done with some caution. You can take advantage of various user experience testing activities while going through the process.

First task is to check for usability of your new design against your competitor’s website. You can shortlist few of your best performing competitors and compare your website’s usability against theirs. You can use your original website design for comparison and find out issues that can be fixed during the redesign.

You need to ask few questions to you and your team to decide why you are going for redesign. Upgrading for new technology can be one of the most feasible answers however, there could be something totally missing from your current design that you wish to incorporate in the new one. You can actually look at your current layout as starting point and go on by adding features and removing mistakes. Consider these points while you are in the process –

Set Goals – Have a brainstorming session with your team for your expectations from new website. Try to convert the viable options in the form of goals and start working towards it. You will find it easy to explain to developers that what you are looking from the new design.  It will ease out their work and you will get satisfactory results.

What can you carry from older version? – Some parts and aspects of your current website might be crucial for you to carry forward. Nothing wrong in it, you can have them in your new website too. Google analytics or any other such program can help you to decide.

Focus on What? – It is very likely that you get carried away by things of less importance such as creativity in graphics, animation or font colors etc. These things have some weight age but not worth spending days on those discussions. You must be strict about timeline and focus on the things which are first to be noticed by visitors.

Learn from competitors – Competitor’s website can be great source of ideas and presentations. This does not mean you steal something from their website, but have a look what they are doing and create something compatible. This is also known as competitive usability study by which you know about your exact position in the market. Results based on usability study could be more appealing than someone’s personal imagination and thoughts.

Conclusion – While redesigning keep your personal likes and dislikes on one side. Invest time in market and competitor study and get concrete results to start your work.

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