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Discover 4 Sizzling Business Sign Trends  

If you think that “a business sign, is a business sign, is a business sign” – then think again! The business sign industry is massive and growing, and with good reason: studies over the past several decades repeatedly confirm that signs have a discernable, measurable impact on brand awareness, business reputation, customer traffic (both web and brick-and-mortar), and that most important of all metrics: new sales.

If you are thinking of replacing your outdated and ineffective business sign — or you are about to launch a new business and want to make sure that your signage is a profitable asset from day one — here are four sizzling business sign trends that will point you in the right direction:

1. Get Digital

Illuminated LED (digital) signs have gone from innovative nice-to-haves to basic staples. Aside from looking great and being fully customizable, digital signs are simply more effective. A survey found that 58 percent of people described digital signs as “more unique” than other types, and 53 percent said they were “more interesting.”

2. Tell the Whole Truth (and Nothing but the Truth)

While it is perfectly acceptable – and often encouraged – to craft sign copy that is compelling, engaging and exciting, at the end of the day it has to be truthful. According to this blog that covers the latest in advertising and signs, this is a lesson that cost Uber $29 million dollars to learn, after the ride-sharing company agreed that calling its safety checks “industry-leading” across its signage and other advertising/marketing material wasn’t the case. For instance, Uber was not fingerprinting its drivers, yet rival taxi companies were.

3. Simple is in

With fleeting attention spans and fragmented marketplaces, simplicity in business signs is more vital than ever. Basically, the rule is that if it takes more than five seconds for prospective customers to grasp a business sign and learn everything they need to know, then it is not simple enough. Of course, with this being said, simple certainly does not mean boring or generic. Indeed, some of the most effective business signs find the perfect balance between succinctness and elegance.

4. Go Mobile

Many businesses – especially small firms – are taking their business sign mobile with vehicle wraps. If designed and installed properly, these can be extremely cost-effective ways to generate visibility and brand awareness. They also last for years and are easy to maintain. And as an added bonus, car wraps help protect a vehicle’s surface paint from scratches, dings and UV damage.

The Bottom Line

What’s in a business sign? Well, if you embrace any or all of the above ideas, you will clearly discover that it can – and should – be a valuable asset that helps your business stand out, and avoid becoming the best-kept secret in your marketplace.

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