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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing: 5 Simple Strategies For Your Business

Digital marketing innovation won’t be slowing down anytime soon. The landscape will continue to change, but at the same time, there are timeless principles that haven’t become any less important. Being aware of the following strategies will help you stay on top of the competition and continue to evolve as a modern digital marketer.

Internet Usage Statistics

The available statistics on modern digital marketing provide some interesting insights. According to data collected by the International Telecomms Union, 82% of the developed world uses the Internet in 2016. The percentage of individuals using the internet out of the entire global population is 43.4%. Developing countries are currently experiencing an Internet penetration rate of 35%, and this is set to rise.

Study Your Big Data Metrics

The definition of insanity is to keep doing something that doesn’t work; when it comes to digital marketing, the key is to avoid being unwittingly insane by repeating invisible mistakes. Get insight into the visitor behavior on every page of your content, from bounce rates to conversions, to keep track of all weaknesses and strengths.

Look For New Tactics

It will be important to stay on top of trends and new ideas. Do your research, put yourself in the shoes of the customer, and see what you like about the experience. This can help you make sure your company is keeping up with its competitors and could help your company produce new ideas and tactics. If you find your business demands most of your time, consider hiring professionals like those at Meredith Broadcast Digital Solutions to take care of some of your marketing responsibilities. Looking for new tactics and hiring if you need assistance will help you stay current on the marketing trends and establish you as a leader in your industry.

Learn The Other Places That Your Target Market Hangs Out

Before coming to your content, where are your visitors coming from? When they’re done, where are they most likely to go next? There are multiple services that provide insights into the websites that most visitors will travel to after finishing browsing another one in particular; apply this to your content, and you’ll know your target demographic much more intimately.

Double Down On Photos And Videos

Visual content will be king in the imminent future, and now is the most critical time to emphasize that in the focus of your content. Make sure that you always have photos and videos to transmit a message that does your long form content justice.

Have More Than One Call To Action (CTA)

Your best prospects will always be the ones who make it to the very end, but that doesn’t mean that the CTA should be held off until the end. Sprinkle the CTA throughout the content, possibly even at the very beginning, to maximize your chance at conversions.


Overall, the biggest shift to come for digital marketing strategy in the future will be the increased capitalization on visual content; aside from that, being intimately familiar with visitor behavior and new tactics is just as vital as ever.

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