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8 Mobile Apps to Help You during Your Job Search

Are you using the power of technology and mobile coverage to secure job offers? If not, you are lagging behind and damaging your employment chances. It is often not about how good you are, but how fast you find and take opportunities that arise. A lot has been said about using social networks to improve your career prospects. However, besides being Facebook friends with someone who could help you land a job, there are tons of dedicated apps that will simplify the process. Here are just a few of them you should be using on a regular basis when going on the job hunt.


Available for Android and iOS, Indeed is Google in the world of jobs. Type in the title of the position you would like to get (or the employer’s name if you are that specific), specify a city or a state, and hit “Find Jobs”. Voila – you now have access to hundreds of job openings and are free to browse them until something catches your eye.


A bit more sophisticated than the previous app, CareerBuilder allows you to search openings in multiple cities at once, as well as specify your salary expectations. Can’t find something on the first try? Turn on email alerts to get notified of new relevant openings.

Job Compass

Designed specifically for iPhone users, Job Compass is a perfect tool for those who care about the location of their future office. By entering a search radius according to your current location, you can only view jobs that are a few minutes’ walk or drive away from your home or any other place. The app will let you filter the jobs displayed using keywords such as “marketing”, “writing”, etc.

Resume Builder Pro

Building a resume is a tedious process, so why not do it on the go?  Using a flexible template provided by Resume Builder Pro, you will be able to create a decent resume containing your contact information, previous work experience, education, and references. The free version will let you do enough, but with the pro access, you will enjoy much more, including your resume being checked by a professional editing service.

Hidden Jobs

Job websites were popular in the past; now many self-respecting companies do not submit their career offerings to job platforms and only publish them on their own corporate websites. The logic behind it is simple – applicants that find jobs on a company’s website are more likely to be interested in a particular company than those who look through multiple options on job websites. You can easily trick the system by using Hidden Jobs – an app that will look for “hidden” openings not published on job websites.


Informal meetings with experts of your industry can help a lot in building your own career and getting professional knowledge. How do you do that? With the CityHour app, of course. It synchronizes with your LinkedIn profile and finds connections that are ready to meet you in person. Once the meeting is scheduled, it will be entered into your phone calendar.


Networking is extremely important for improving your career prospects. With the Reach app, you will have no difficulties finding professionals of your industry located nearby, as well as finding and signing up for professional events.


Trying to find a new job can become a death sentence for your current position if somebody finds out. To avoid undesired publicity, look for new jobs anonymously with the Switch app. Recruiters will only see your professional qualifications, without your name or contact information. And once they are interested, you will be able to connect and continue the conversation in private.

Be smart about your job search, and your chances of employment will improve greatly.  And of course, in the race for cutting-edge tools, do not forget the obvious – a resume on LinkedIn and other social networks do contribute into your successful future career.

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Veronica Hunt is an ed tech expert and an experienced blogger from Delaware City, DE. She sees her purpose in providing readers with up-to-date info in the spheres of marketing, technology and social media. Contact Veronica on Facebook or LinkedIn.

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