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Digital Dialogue: 4 Ways Social Media Changed Business Conversations

Although business owners could reach consumers via a wide range of tools prior to the use of the internet for commerce, they struggled with obstacles to effective communication. They could not have conversations with members of their target audience as quickly or efficiently as with modern digital tools for various reasons like dialogue delays caused by geographic distances between businesses and their target audiences and socioeconomic factors.

Social Media Platforms Changed Business Conversations By Giving Owners and Employees:

Better Communication Options For Engaging Customers

Engagement traditionally occurred via face-to-face encounters at stores, conventions, and events and through various advertising
efforts like billboards, posters, press releases, advertorials, sales flyers and TV and radio spots. On social media, businesses like Vasayo for example, interact directly with their target audiences more than ever before via chat, posts, and tweets that focus on interesting business and industry-related updates links to their content on other sites, Q&A sessions, and contests. By using sharing buttons on social media platforms and adding social sharing buttons to their websites, such as on blog and video pages, businesses also communicate more effectively and utilize their target audience as a tool to promote their brands and expertise.

Methods For Supplying Near-Instant Support Services

The near-instant nature of social media makes it possible for businesses to handle support requests faster than through mail, phone, and email. Businesses can address customer questions from comments on profile pages and under posts and continue conversations that involve private information via direct message chats. If technical support is involved, a tech can walk customers through almost any type of problem utilizing nothing more than a private chat window and online manuals and instruction guides. Chat representatives can also submit callback requests, questions and feedback for customers who have difficulty reaching phone-based reps.

Resources For Turning Around Negative Feedback Faster

A bad review, product recall, false rumor or former spokesperson’s bad public behavior can quickly lead to a lot of negativity
about a business in the news and anywhere online. A disgruntled former employee or a competitor might also leave negative feedback on social media or an industry or business review website. Any business can turn negative feedback into something positive by using social media to control the story. A business can address complaints and offer assistance or discuss recalls, rumors, bad behaviors and other forms of negative feedback directly within minutes on social media sites rather than wait to reply via slower communication methods that often reach the public too late to fix any damage.

Tools For Quick, Inexpensive Marketing Data Acquisition

Businesses still utilize offline methods for acquiring marketing data, such as paper surveys, focus groups and experience feedback
cards, but these methods consume marketing budgets because of costs associated with conducting research like printing physical survey forms or buying snacks and beverages for focus groups. With social media and data monitoring, tracking and dissemination tools, businesses can poll their followers on social profiles with free poll and survey tools and receive the detailed reports they need to make critical decisions the same day rather than wait days for the information to be collected, analyzed, written and distributed to them by an internal or third-party marketing group. As a result, businesses can make changes to their processes quickly enough to keep up with rapidly-changing customer interests and trends and potentially anticipate and stay ahead of these changes enough to reap more revenues and loyalty in the long run.

If you are not already using social media in these ways to have better conversations with your target audience, then it is time to update your communication strategy. Try one or all of these ideas today.

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