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Digital Asset Management Simplified: What You Must Really Know

What are digital assets? Well, Digital assets refer to anything that is created and stored digitally, is identifiable and discoverable, and gives value to its users. According to recent research findings, many companies today lose so much data due to poor management systems. This has forced companies to create new data quite often thus losing the credibility and originality of their data.

The most common file-sharing options that have resulted in massive loss of files have been the use of emails which has been responsible for over 71% loss of files, USB drives 68%, and the use of Public Drives 55%.

It has also been found that up to 96% of users don’t usually consider any security measures before sharing any digital assets with any outside vendors. Because of this many companies often lose very important data with the study estimating the numbers to stand at 90% annually.

The truth is file misuse can have very grievous consequences over time either to the company or to an individual. A good example is the $3.6 million copyright infringement lawsuit that a freelance journalist filed against BuzzFeed Inc. and many others.

So what must companies do to avoid falling into such traps? According to an expert financial planner in Florida, any professional company should use digital asset management as an efficient way of providing a more centralised, easy-to-manage, locate, and track, file sharing system.

Simply put, digital asset management solutions are intended to create, manage, deliver, track, and reuse data. The data managed will include the following (any rich form of media in digital forms).

  • Stock Photos
  • Graphics
  • Videos
  • Documents
  • Presentations
  • Various Media

Digital assets must be well taken care of because they save time and deploy creative investments plans. They accelerate brand growth. They enable easy marketing strategy and well-managed marketing systems.

Well, the reasons might look really easy, but the truth is managing data properly is really important especially visual files and here are the reasons why.

  • According to one research from “the importance of using infographics for marketing,” 65% of any audience targeted are usually visual learners. Meaning they form the largest groups in your audience.
  • Additionally, videos are said to be shared 1200% more than links and text posts combined and many viewers love them since they are easy to break down. That leads us to our next point.
  • Visual data is extremely easy to process. A Recent study determined that visual data is processed by the brain 60,000 times faster than texts or links.
  • Finally on social media for instance Facebook, photos will get 53% more likes, slightly over 100% more comments, and about 85% more click-throughs.

With such findings, you realize how important digital data is important to the company, how easy they can be misused or misinterpreted, and why they should not be released without the authority of the company.

As an established company, your brand should be really consistent. Brand consistency is really important for any company as close to 82% or companies have been found to create and deliver branded assets. Consistent brands are also worth 20% more than those that are not and finally branded assets are easy to identify with as they show trust.

Use digital asset management systems to make your company more profitable. They provide security, brand growth, ideal user experience, manageable access, time savings, and the perfect work speed.

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