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Diabetes; Manage Your Blood Glucose Levels

What is Diabetes?

Diabetes can be defined as a disease where the pancreas fails to produce insulin or the body becomes resistant to insulin. Consequently, the blood glucose levels increase, which poses a significant threat to human health. There’s not enough awareness about the risk factors associated with diabetes; the disease must be managed appropriately. All precautionary measures should be taken into consideration to minimize the effect and avoid the disease from progressing and causing complexities. The condition cannot be diagnosed based on symptoms as they are not visible enough. Specific blood tests such as HbA1C are required for diagnosis.

There are currently four types of diabetes; Type-1 diabetes, Type-2 diabetes, Gestational diabetes, and Pre-diabetes.

Type-1 Diabetes; causes and treatment:

Insulin is a hormone that is necessary for the regulation of blood sugar levels in the body.

In type-1, the cells of the pancreas are either damaged or destroyed. As a result, they fail to produce insulin or produce very little quantity. It can be regarded as an auto-immune disorder as sometimes the immune system fails and recognizes the pancreatic cells as foreign, launching an attack and damaging them. As per numerous studies, the chances of developing type-1 diabetes are higher in children. The symptoms include elevated blood glucose levels, increased thirst, fatigue, increased urination, etc.

Suffering from diabetes may seem like a curse, but the disease is manageable. Certain lifestyle changes can help cope with the diseases, such as maintaining a healthy weight and diet, exercising regularly, and last but not least, taking insulin. The body’s need for insulin is fulfilled by taking insulin injections. The injections are supposed to be taken daily. Thus, to reduce trips to the pharmacy, you can sign up for 90-day Meds program at a reliable online pharmacy.

Type-2 Diabetes; causes and treatment:

In type-2, the most common type of diabetes, the pancreatic cells are fully capable of producing insulin in sufficient quantities. However, the body is unable to utilize it properly. In other words, it is known as Insulin Resistance. Several factors contribute to the development of type-2 diabetes, such as genes, obesity, etc.

The treatment is straightforward; changes must be made in the way of living to reduce the effects produced by the diseases. Expert suggests that losing weight, eating healthy, and exercising regularly can help manage the disease considerably.

In Prediabetes, the blood glucose levels are very high but not high enough to be diagnosed as type-2 diabetes.

Gestational diabetes; causes and treatment:

Some women tend to develop diabetes during pregnancy; it is known as gestational diabetes. The condition is not chronic as it goes away soon after delivery. However, in some instances, it can prolong and develop into type-2.


Diabetes is a chronic disease, which means it will stay with you for the rest of your life. Initially, managing and coping with the condition may seem hard, but one gets used to living with it. Stay focused on the goal and, everything will fall into place.

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