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Deck out Your Balcony with these Simple Ideas

It’s the right time for decorating your balcony. It doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated, you can use some of these simple ideas for a chic and stylish space all summer long. The balcony is a prominent feature in many homes. It can be used for just about anything, but there are some specific uses that make it more popular than others. Outdoor living space like the balcony provides an outdoor area to entertain guests and enjoy warm summer evenings outside. It also offers a perfect spot for enjoying your morning coffee or reading a book with your feet up on the railing. Maybe you have been thinking of decorating your balcony but don’t know where to start. So, when you’re looking to deck out your balcony with simple yet stylish ideas, consider the addition of railing planters. Here are the simple ideas to get you started

Choose a color scheme

The balcony is the perfect place to experiment with different shades of paint. A colorful balcony is always a good idea. Paint a bold or fresh color on the front wall of the balcony you can keep the adjacent walls in other complementary shades. This will create an energetic and passionate environment in your space. The colors look good and inviting.

Choose a piece of furniture

The balcony is an extension of your home, so if you want to create another room for entertaining, why not add some patio chairs and a table? You can even place a comfortable sofa with pillows on the balcony to make it more of an intimate space or even invest in an outdoor dining set that will create a more formal feel to your space.

Add a rug

A balcony is an outdoor space that lacks the cushion of grass so adding a small area rug makes it feel cozier and more welcoming to guests. You can even use old carpets or area rugs from other rooms in your home! For a grassy feel place green rugs to create a garden feel.

Add some greenery

It’s not always convenient and simple to keep plants alive outdoors, but adding a few potted plants will instantly make your balcony feel more like home. It is simple; choose foliage that fits with the style of your space and place them on tables or hanging baskets for an easy way to bring nature in.

Hang a swing

Adding a swing to your balcony will instantly make it feel more welcoming and like you’re outside in paradise. Swings are also relaxing and create a bohemian style perfect for the balcony and outdoors. You can also hang a hammock or chaise lounges for an escape to the tropics. The ideas are endless when it comes to balcony decorating.

Add some bling

A simple way to bring in a little glam is with chandeliers. There are many types of these now, from ones that look like grapevines to cascading floral designs. It’s an easy and inexpensive way to add “that something” to your balcony needs!

Add some lights for nighttime ambiance

If you want your balcony to be the go-to spot on those summer evenings, then adding string lights is an easy way to create a great mood when it’s getting dark out! Just pick a string of fairy lights that look good with your balcony’s décor and you’re all set.

Add a few screens

If there is one option that can make or break the mood on any balcony, it might just be what kind of screen (or shade) is hanging over its railing. Screens are available in so many different styles now, from geometric to naturalistic, that choosing one for your balcony is an easy choice. Screens can also be a great way to keep unwanted pests off of the balcony — you’ll never have to worry about mosquitoes or flies again!

Hang some windchimes

The sound of wind chimes can make any backyard feel instantly peaceful, but they’re just as effective on a balcony. Wind chimes are available in so many different shapes and materials now that it’s easy to find one that will go with your décor without looking out of place. Hanging them from the railing is an excellent way to add some charm to your balcony and enjoy some of the many benefits that come with them. One thing we’ve learned with time is that no matter how big or small, every balcony needs something upon its railing. Whether it’s an artisanal pot filled with plants, a gorgeous screen, or a simple wind chime — they all work well when placed wisely.

Decorate the front wall

The front wall of a balcony is often overlooked because, well, it’s the least interesting side. However, with just a few simple additions you can transform this otherwise ordinary part of your balcony into something more beautiful and reflective of what really makes your home feel special. You can put some frames or paintings on the front wall or create a fun-filled truck art theme on the wall.

Hang lanterns and lamps

At sunset time when you’re sitting on your balcony, who doesn’t love a little bit of light? So, go ahead and give yourself some ambiance with hanging lanterns or lamps. Go for the colorful Moroccan or the modern hanging lamps for a beautiful and quiet ambiance.

Throw some cushions and pillows

To get the most out of your balcony, add a few cushions and pillows to create an inviting spot. This will be a perfect place for you to enjoy some morning coffee or afternoon tea with friends! And also a perfect afternoon reading spot.

Add curtains for privacy

If privacy is important to you when it comes to enjoying your balcony at night then we have just the tip for adding a pair of curtains. You can find a great option at the home improvement store. Trust us, this is the perfect way to add a little bit of style while you enjoy your balcony.

Add potted plants and flowers

There’s nothing like fresh air, it seems to keep us healthy and happy! So why not add some potted plants or flowers on your balcony? They will make for an enjoyable space that smells nice too! Flowers will give your space a fresh and charming look.

Summing up

The sky’s the limit with all of these simple ideas to decorate your balcony. Get creative and try them out! Whether you are looking for a rug there is something perfect for every budget at RugKnots. So have fun in your outdoor space this summer by adding one (or more!) of these quick decoration tips to make it look amazing!

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