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Dating In The 40s Can Sound Awkward, While It Can Be The Age For Romance!

Around age 40 or more, the meaning of dating can be different.

Around age 40 or more, the meaning of dating can be different. You are no longer that young man looking for fun. You are responsible and want to marry a Filipino woman from your faith to settle down. You will have fewer distractions at this stage because you don’t have to worry about your career, education, and other aspects. A woman in her 40s or younger will appreciate this. Since Filipinas tend to be conservative with an independent streak, they can understand it more. So, your options can be exciting. Still, your age can be playing heavy on your mind. Let’s delve into this to make your dating journey more comfortable.

The Good and Bad of dating in the 40s

You want to marry a Christian Filipina, so you must be exploring dating sites where they are easy to find. Fair enough! Whether you are from the Philippines or somewhere else, you would be glad to know that Filipino women tend to have family orientation. They work but expect their future husbands to care financially for their families and kids. In your 40s, you must have accumulated decent wealth to make them believe your capability in this area. So, it’s an attractive point. They like gifts, and you can pamper them with plenty of them because of your financial strength. Although she wants you to be wealthy, a true Filipina is also interested in your good-naturedness. Make sure you don’t gift her to show your status.

You must be especially careful about this because she might take offense if you disrespect her and her emotions. Because you are a mature adult, this risk will be low. Still, keep this in mind. She will like your transparent thought process about relationships and personal goals. Essentially, all these are your strengths added by your age.

Conversely, age can be a barrier if you have to woo a young female. Her energy and approach to life can be unique. You may have to tweak your sensibilities without compromising your maturity and learning. Your dating options can be limited if you are married or have kids. You must focus on two to three of them that align with your thoughts and vice versa. At the same time, you may be busy at this stage, where going on regular dates can be impossible.

The Dating talks – Preparation

On your first actual date, try to talk about things that reveal your personality. Focus on commonalities between you two for compatibility. If you have a negative past, avoid bringing it up. It’s time to look forward to happiness and positive feelings. Keep your composure calm and pleasant. A simple smile on your face can do the job. Also, when you meet her, go without any expectations about her looks or views. Else, you will not be able to open up to her.

Dating at any age with a motive to marry someone caring and compatible can be rewarding. Since you are an independent person with all kinds of experience, you can judge better who will be your perfect match.


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