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D Scott Carruthers Explains How to Tell A Beautiful Story Through Your Photos

You might have come across the phrase ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’, and indeed, you could use pictures to bring out a story and share deeper thoughts. Many photographers are conversant with photography basics but cannot utilize this experience to help tell a story using photos. Telling a story is part of photography and is one of the things you need to pursue to project your photography career to reach a higher level.

D. Scott Carruthers is an experienced photographer based in Anaheim, California. Apart from working as a professional photographer, he also assists upcoming photographers to learn more about the art. Critical in his contribution is the infusion of storytelling in photography, and today he shares great tips that will help you tell a beautiful story through photos.

Series or single shot?

This is a point that inspires discussion and many people will go for what they feel is appropriate for their project. The reason you might need a series of photos is when each image only represents a part of a story and people can get the message better if other images are included. Many people will argue that using a series of photos allows the brain to process the photos better and consequently one is able to get the message better.

If you have to use a single image, make sure it describes both the subject and the surrounding environment, and in other cases you could use the image to tell about an event. A good example is when a photo is taken during an event like wedding and you focus on not only getting a clear shot of the subject, but also including some background events that help to bring out the event in a clearer way. Using the background to enhance the flow of thoughts is one of the easiest ways you could create a beautiful story.

Emotional connection

People are always triggered whenever something that touches them emotionally is brought before them. There are many ideas you could use to enhance the emotional side of a story especially when taking photos. A couple presented holding hands is a sign of love and this is something many people will relate with. Therefore, while preparing for a photo shoot, you need to remember that you are not going to merely do photos but the process is part of an effort to bring out a story that could be shared with the world.

Be original

Originality is a vital aspect of photography that you cannot overlook. If you want to appear unique by sharing an interesting story, you should strive to offer an original flow of events. Don’t try to portray your surrounding like another photographer because the audience is inspired to engage thought when something unique is presented. Also make sure to give a natural portrayal of the surroundings and if you have to make edits, you should only do so to enhance clarity. With the above ideas, you could easily tell a beautiful story that many will admire.

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D Scott Carruthers is a long time photog and lover of travel. He also enjoys the paleo lifestyle. You can find more of his content on

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